Katherine Heigl and Her Beauty

A few years ago, Katherine Marie Heigl did a very casual interview with InStyle. She expresses her ironically very conscious view about her appearance. It is ironic because she is practically one of the prettiest women on television with her effortlessly gorgeous features and beautiful slender yet peachy body. She even goes as far as saying that she wouldn’t want to be a part of the kind of photo-shoot that showcases your face before and after makeup, and those that show portraits of you before and after photo-shop touchups etc.

Getting to Know Katherine Heigl

She seems to think she would badly regret that decision and would have to face—more irony—the shame of a naked face with all the imperfections. One of the possible reasons could be perhaps her wonky tooth, as she would call it. The alignment of teeth also plays an important role in the way one’s features are set on the face. It also affects the shape of the jaw, which is again a major factor in sculpting the overall look of the face.

She underwent the dental kind of treatment which helped enhance her beautiful features once the treatment was successfully complete. She was quite contented with the results as she confidently even flung it out for the crew to see during an interview. With her light humor never failing her, she compares the retainer Invisalign to Netflix and she appreciates how there is a fresh one every two weeks so that she doesn’t have to worry about any hygiene issues. However, given how self-conscious she is, her worry doesn’t just end there.

She says that her complexion does not become her and that her hair just doesn’t seem right. Katie has experienced trouble with various skin products in terms of reactions and them not suiting her skin all too well. More like, she liked the products, but the products didn’t seem to like her. To add to the frustration, she is prone to change her products more often than she should. Thus experimenting on her skin with a fresh cocktail of products is again not very helpful and results in messing it up further and making any prevalent skin problems even worse.

The magazine crew had her styled up in various dos and looks with different hair, a casual up-do, a wig with a tiny brunette crop and a third style with some loose curls on her shoulders. She really enjoyed seeing herself in different styles and seeing professionals give her makeovers that completely transform her look into something new. It also serves to feed her confidence as she feels better after seeing such changes on her skin and hair as skin basically forms the base of one’s look and the hair is the final factor that is essential to bringing drastic changes to the look. In fact hair is the most relevant in terms of beauty transformations as it tends to highlight a unique identity and bring out a completely unique side to the individual.

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