Tracy Maltas Biography

Tracy Tutor Maltas is a very well known estate agent who also happens to be a reality television celebrity. She is known for appearing on television show ‘Million Dollar Listing’. This American television series chronicles the personal and professional lives of real estate agents based in one of the America’s major cities and shows them as they sell high-end properties. This gives the viewers a close look at the world of real estate industry with a focus on high-priced real estate.

Who is Tracy Maltas?

Tracy currently works for the Douglas Elliman firm in California. She has over 15 years of knowledge and experience in the real estate field. She has also consistently appeared on the 10th season of Million Dollar Listing television show in Los Angeles. She was the only woman to appear on the Los Angeles version of the show and is one of the only two female contestants on the entire franchise.

As far as her professional career goes, Maltas has worked with some of the most high profile clients in America of which some closed a deal worth $400 million on a luxury five star hotel and resort.

These days she is working on a West Hollywood Edition hotel and residency which was launched in the yearly months of 2018. She has also helped Ron Fair, a popular music producer to sell his estate in California which was valued at 12 million dollars. She has also sold a home worth 11.8 million dollars to Hollywood star Edward Norton in Malibu.


Making millions of dollars in revenue is in Tracy’s blood. She is the daughter of Ronald Tutor who is a multi-millionaire himself and has his own real estate company. He is also credited as one of the most successful building contractors in the US. Her grandfather, A.G Tutor is also a real estate agent and has founded the popular A.G Tutor Co. in 1949.

Her mother is also not quite far behind in making herself a name. Alia Tutor chairs reproductive medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC.

Tracy and her dad are known to make huge investments in the real estate sector. They usually end up selling whatever they set their eyes on. Her father Ronald once invested somewhere between 35-40 million dollars in the Miramax Films company when it was being purchased from Disney. After holding his reign on the company, Ronald sold it for millions to a Qatar based investment body.

Tracy learned a lot about real estate industry from her dad. In fact, she started her career as a real estate agent under close supervision from her dad. She actively worked in her dad’s company Tutor and Perini for three years after which she started her own ventures.

She got married to her husband Jason Maltas for 13 years and has two daughters. The two separated from each other because of their career commitments. They were unable to give each other and their daughter quality time hence the two decided to go their own way.

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