3 Tips for Protecting Your Jewelry


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Do you have an extensive collection of fine jewelry and luxury watches? Do you want to ensure your wedding band and engagement ring maintain their value? It’s essential to keep your belongings protected, whether it’s by buying a sturdy safe for your home or storing them at a bank.

You also have to make sure you maintain and protect them. Remember to regularly clean all your belongings, get an insurance policy with good coverage, and keep them from depreciating. If you store all your valuable possessions in a drawer, you’re probably not taking good care of them. Read on to find out how to care for your accessories.

1. Care for and clean your jewelry.


You can clean most of your possessions yourself, but things like fine jewelry need more than a microfibre cloth and cleaning solution. It’s an excellent idea to get a professional cleaning service to help you out. Luckily, most jewelers offer cleaning services for free or at a low price.

A cleaning service will help get scratches out of gemstones and polish precious metals. Most jewelers will also offer services like tightening any loose gemstones, relating, and ultrasonic cleaning. Remember to find a reputable jeweler, so there’s no risk of damage to your belongings.

You can also look for the best deals like the ones at Nelson Coleman. These jewelers in Baltimore offer free inspection and cleaning services for up to five items of jewelry. Most professional jewelers allow you to browse through other fine jewelry collections while you wait for your belongings. If you do have to leave the items behind for extensive cleaning, don’t forget your receipt. It will help you can avoid any issues when you pick up the items.

2. Protect your jewelry’s value.

The best way to protect jewelry is to make sure it doesn’t depreciate. It’s crucial to restore old jewelry, especially if you have any heirloom pieces. Remember to get luxury watches, engagement rings, and other valuables assessed and valued regularly. An appraisal will help you protect your jewelry from depreciation.

Protecting the value of your possessions can also help you out when you’re in a financial bind. While you can sell any of your personal belongings for cash, things like fine jewelry are worth a lot more than old clothes. Instead of selling your jewelry when you need to liquidate your personal possessions, consider a luxury asset loan.

Companies like WatchBox—which also buy and sell luxury timepieces like Rolex watches—will offer a loan against your valuables. The benefit of a loan over a sale is that you don’t have to worry about depreciation since it does not reduce the item’s value.

3. Get insurance for your valuables.


It’s essential to protect your fine jewelry, watches, and other luxury belongings from damage and depreciation. A good step towards this is to buy an insurance policy with good luxury asset coverage. Do you know about replacement cost coverage? How about covered loss and flood insurance? Insurance is a great way to protect belongings from an earthquake, flood, vandalism, or theft.

Do some research about things like liability coverage, personal property coverage, and liability protection. Also, learn about how much coverage each separate policy will give you. Make sure you get the right coverage for the type of jewelry you have. If you’re buying a new collection of jewelry, a wedding band, or a luxury watch, make sure you ask for additional coverage over the existing warranty. You should find out what coverage and insurance terms mean before you select one.

Property insurance can also help if it offers an amount of coverage for personal belongings. If you rent a home, make sure your renters insurance covers all your belongings, including luxury items and fine jewelry. Some jewelry stores offer personal property insurance, but it’s a good idea to shop around before deciding. Contact an insurance company near you to find out what the best insurance policy for your possessions is.

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