3 Types of Lawyers


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The path to becoming an attorney begins with earning a bachelor’s degree. After graduating, aspiring lawyers attend law school and earn a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree. Those that pass the bar exam after graduation are licensed to practice law in their state.

During law school, lawyers choose a legal specialty. Their specialty determines what type of law firm they’ll work for after graduation and the nature of the legal matters they’ll handle. There are multiple legal specialties, including personal injury law, criminal law, and business law. Read on to examine these legal specializations and the legal duties lawyers who work in these fields perform.

1. Criminal Defense Law


Criminal defense lawyers are one of the most well-known types of lawyers. These are the lawyers we see on TV, arguing criminal cases in legal dramas. Criminal defense attorneys represent people facing criminal charges at trial, although the process isn’t as glamorous as it is on television. Criminal defense attorneys advise clients of their legal rights, negotiate plea deals, and prepare cases for trial. These attorneys use relevant case law to defend their clients.

Individuals can be charged with a felony, such as murder, assault, or fraud. Individuals may also be charged with misdemeanors, such as petty theft, possession, or trespassing. Criminal defense attorneys may negotiate a settlement for a lesser charge to prevent their client from being convicted of a felony. Criminal defense attorneys may also look for mitigating factors that could lead to a not guilty verdict.

2. Personal Injury Lawyers


Millions of accidents occur each year. Each year, there are approximately six million car accidents in the United States. In addition to motor vehicle accidents, everyday people suffer injuries from accidents in their workplace, home, or community. Workplace accidents include slips and falls in the workplace due to wet surfaces. You could be in an accident at home if you fall off a ladder or trip on a loose piece of carpet. Suppose you’re walking on the sidewalk and slip on a patch of ice. That’s an example of a community-based accident.

In some situations, you may have legal grounds to pursue a lawsuit. Personal injury attorneys, such as the lawyers with Davis Kelin Law Firm, represent people injured in accidents. They offer a free consultation, ensuring you have an opportunity to discuss your personal injury case to determine if you have a personal injury case before you hire them. Davis Kelin doesn’t charge fees until the case is resolved, either, ensuring you have excellent legal representation without worrying about paying attorney fees before settling your claim.

Personal injury lawyers fight for clients to receive fair compensation for their medical expenses and other costs associated with their accident. For example, they may negotiate with insurance companies to ensure you’re compensated for property damaged in your accident. You may also qualify for compensation to cover the cost of retraining if you’re unable to return to work or for emotional distress caused by your accident.

Davis Kelin also handles medical malpractice cases, representing patients who’ve received substandard care or inappropriate medical treatment.

3. Business Lawyers


Businesses must comply with business laws. These laws govern how and where businesses operate. New businesses hire business attorneys to help them establish their company and ensure they’re complying with applicable laws and regulations. A business attorney ensures they have the licenses and permits required to operate legally.

Business lawyers may write contracts for their clients, ensuring the client’s contracts comply with legal regulations and protect their legal rights. You may also hire a business lawyer to help you navigate a merger or acquire another business. Business attorneys can also help you resolve contract disputes.

There are multiple legal specialties. Criminal defense attorneys represent people charged with crimes. Personal injury lawyers represent individuals hurt in accidents or affected by medical malpractice. Business lawyers help companies establish business practices, comply with applicable laws, and navigate legal disputes.

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