5 Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Lazy Bride


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Before getting married, every bride-to-be needs to set aside some time to create memories with her besties. Many soon-to-be brides opt for over-the-top bachelorette parties and plan elaborate celebrations that last the entire weekend. But if your bride-to-be is interested in something more simple, these low-key bachelorette party ideas are perfect for any lazy bride.

Theatre Night

Whether your lazy bride is a fan of comedy, dance, or cabaret, planning a theatre night will create memories for years to come. Buying theatre tickets in advance can help you score the best seats and save you from breaking the bank. But if you’re planning at the last minute, TodayTix offers the best prices on discounted tickets for premium seats. If you’re not sure what to see, check out their curated list of the best shows in London.

To finish your theatre night with a bang, hit up a nearby bar and book a hotel room with the bridesmaids.

Spa Day

The stress of planning the perfect wedding can add up, so why not indulge your lazy bride with a spa day? A spa day is a refreshing retreat for any bride-to-be, and it’s a great opportunity for her to clear her mind and treat herself.

Set aside an afternoon for your bride-to-be to get a facial and pedicure with her besties. Deep tissue massages can help relieve tense muscles, while a yoga class can promote mindfulness over the upcoming days. After all, there’s no better start to a blissful married life than a spa day ending with yoga.


No matter how old you are, sleepovers never go out of style. Your lazy bride can stay up all night with her best friends and watch her favorite romcoms and wedding scenes. If she doesn’t want to splurge or throw a huge party, a sleepover is a low-key, fun surprise.

To plan the ultimate slumber party, you’ll need to go shopping. Start with a trip to the liquor store to buy your bestie’s favorite drinks, then swing by the grocery store for mixers. While you’re at the grocery store, grab her favorite snacks, along with ingredients to bake cookies. 

Consider setting up a marriage-themed scavenger hunt or setting up some fun decorations. Finally, make sure to bring air mattresses, pillows, and blankets for your crew.

Beach Party

If you live in a warmer climate or you’re planning a summer bachelorette party, consider a beach party. Your lazy bride wants nothing more than rest and relaxation before her wedding, and there’s nothing more relaxing than lounging by the beach and watching the ocean. 

Pack a cooler with champagne and orange juice for bottomless mimosas and bring sunscreen so your bestie doesn’t show up to her wedding with a sunburn. Top off your beach party with a bonfire on the beach or turn the party into a memorable weekend glamping trip. If you spend the night, the bridal party can explore nearby shops and restaurants at their own pace.

Bestie Brunch

Bestie brunches aren’t reserved for Galentine’s Day—in fact, they make a great low-key bachelorette party idea. For the laziest of brides, serve breakfast in bed or make a reservation at their favorite spot.

To plan an unforgettable bachelorette party, book a weekend-long stay at a bed-and-breakfast for your bride and her bridal party. A simple getaway with brunch and besties is ideal for any lazy bride, and she’ll remember the stay for years to come.

Whether your bride-to-be wants a huge celebration or a simple getaway, it’s important to keep her best interests in mind. As long as your lazy bride is having fun and the bridesmaids are enjoying themselves, the bachelorette party will be a hit.

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