5 Gift Ideas to Give Yourself This Year


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It’s common to prioritize looking after others, but self-care is an essential part of a healthy routine. The term self-care was first used in the medical field. Doctors allowed elderly and mental health patients to perform some personal self-care tasks to give these patients a degree of independence. Over time, self-care was promoted as a way people with demanding career fields could cope with their stress. Eventually, self-care became a tool for asserting control, and within the last decade, it’s become a mainstream concept most people are familiar with.

Self-care can involve routine actions performed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It can also involve giving yourself gifts. When the holidays are approaching, many people think about giving their loved ones and friends, but overlook gifts for themselves. Looking after your needs and wants is an effective way of preventing depression, nurturing yourself, and supporting your mental health. When you spend time thinking about your needs and invest money and energy into yourself, you’re reinforcing your self-worth. Whether your budget is large or small, there are several meaningful gifts you can consider treating yourself to that will promote self-care and that you’ll benefit from for months to come.

1. A New Wardrobe

Treat yourself to some new clothes. Wearing the same outfits year after year can feel monotonous. You may also find your clothes are dated if they emphasize fashion trends that have gone out of style.

Start by purchasing women’s tunics on sale. Comfortable tunics feature a range of styles and colors. Whether you like fabrics that are soft or smooth, you can find something that will appeal to your fashion sense. You can choose from asymmetrical button-up tunics, tunics with cowl necks, and simple pullover tunics featuring solid colors or bold patterns.


Once you’ve selected your tunic tops, match the colors with dress pants, jeans, skirts, and leggings. If you opt to emphasize a few core colors it will be easy for you to mix and match your outfits.

While you’re shopping, don’t forget the accessories. New shoes, scarves, handbags, and belts can provide the perfect finishing touches on your wardrobe. And if your budget won’t cover a new wardrobe, purchasing new accessories is a great way to freshen up your favorite outfits.

2. Subscriptions

There are many things you can access through subscriptions without high up-front costs. Treat yourself to streaming services with the movies and programs that interest you. Disney+ has plenty of great, family-friendly programming, and it’s ideal for Star Wars fans. If you prefer shows and movies suitable for older teens and adults, you may enjoy a subscription to HBO Max. Other streaming services—such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime—offer various TV shows and movies. One of the perks of subscribing to Amazon Prime is that it includes free shipping on Amazon purchases, which is handy if you prefer shopping online.


Another benefit of streaming shows and movies is that you won’t need to buy DVDs, which take up space and can cause clutter. If you’re running out of shelf space, subscribing to a streaming service is a great way to see the programs you enjoy when it’s convenient for you.

TV shows and movies aren’t the items you can enjoy through subscriptions. Amazon offers Kindle Unlimited, which is a subscription service for e-books. You can read as many e-books that are part of the program as you choose for a single monthly fee. An e-book subscription service is an excellent option if you enjoy e-books but don’t have room on your bookshelves for new hardcovers.

If you enjoy music, you may appreciate a subscription to Spotify. A subscription allows you to take advantage of all of Spotify’s features on your mobile phone and removes ads.

3. A Great Vacation

A vacation is an excellent way of promoting your physical and mental health. Going away can help you focus on the moment instead of worrying about things you need to do. Since you won’t be able to rake leaves or clean out your pantry, you can relax. Studies have established that regular vacations can decrease your chances of suffering from heart disease or having a heart attack. You can also reduce your stress by getting away.


Ideal vacations vary from person to person. To maximize your benefits, consider your interests and desires. You may enjoy the quiet of a trip to the mountains, where you can rent a cabin and curl up by a fireplace, or you may prefer the idea of heading to the beach. Whether you plan on swimming or sitting by the water, a trip to the beach can be soothing. You may also want to focus on specific pursuits. Visit a destination that offers hiking, skiing, kayaking, surfing, or white water rafting so you can enjoy the kind of activities you enjoy.

4. Enrichment and Knowledge

Give yourself the gift of enrichment. Although receiving a physical presence can be nice, developing your interests and promoting long-term enjoyment and growth is a way of nurturing yourself for months and years to come. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar or speak a different language. Identify those dreams you set aside and choose something that you want to do. It may be hard for you to attend classes due to your schedule or pandemic restrictions. You can still sign up for online classes and use teleconferencing apps to receive tutoring from an instructor.


If you aren’t sure what hobbies or skills you’d like to pursue, consider signing up for a handful of different courses that you will benefit from. Learn to cook Italian food. Improve your photographic skills with a photography course. Improve your physical health by taking yoga. Once you try a few courses, you can identify the ones you enjoy most and focus on those activities.

5. A Personal Spa

If it’s hard for you to get away on vacation, but you need to manage your stress, you may want to consider creating a personal spa at home by redoing your bathroom. Start by googling “bathroom remodels in Easton, PA” to find expert contractors around the Lehigh Valley area (or wherever you are) who will do an amazing job helping you design the perfect sanctuary within your own home. Install a soaker tub so you can slip into a bubble bath after a long day at work. You’ll also appreciate a walk-in shower with a rainfall showerhead.


Make sure your new bathroom has natural light. Natural light can improve your mood and promote positive feelings. Use light, soothing colors, such as cream, light blue, and light green. Avoid colors that can make you feel stress, such as red. Add a heated towel rack. You’ll appreciate stepping out of your tub or shower and wrapping your body with a warm towel.

If you have a generous budget, redo your bathroom floors and install underfloor heating, so you never have to set foot on a cold tile floor again. You may also opt to install a sound system so you can listen to music while you’re bathing. Music can reduce your stress and help you feel calm. Adding music to your spa is a great way to maximize the benefits your sanctuary offers.

Add plants to your bathroom. Plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, which means they help create fresh air. Houseplants can reduce headaches and even help manage respiratory illnesses. Indoor plants can also reduce fatigue and improve your mood, making them the perfect finishing touch for your spa.

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