5 Gifts Your Spoonie Will Cherish Forever


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As Christine Miserandino (the award-winning blogger who invented the term “spoonie” and someone with years of experience with chronic conditions) has said: Spoonies can often feel invisible. Miserandino created the word “spoonie” to describe the experience of someone who suffers from a chronic illness or chronic pain to people who can’t fully understand a condition they can’t see. While explaining her condition to a friend she laid out a few spoons on the table and explained that these spoons represented her energy reserves. She said that, because of her illness, she had fewer spoons to work with. Times are hard and isolating enough for everyone these days, and that can bear down especially hard on our loved ones who suffer from chronic illnesses. If you are looking for ideas to let that special spoonie in your life know that you love them, then here are five amazing gift ideas that they will cherish forever.

1. Pen and Pencil Cushions

Sometimes it’s the smallest gestures that have the biggest impact. If your spoonie has a hard time writing but still needs to use a pen or a pencil throughout the day, then this simple gift can bring hours of relief for them and save them a few spoons that they might have had to use on pushing through the pain of writing without one.


Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is the result of some of the latest research in the treatment of a chronic medical condition. For those unfamiliar with electromagnetic field therapy devices, here is a simple explanation: Our bodies are electrical units, and as we age, we lose voltage. This can contribute to chronic pain, especially for patients with weak blood flow. PEMF products have been proven by many clinical studies to ease chronic pain. According to many experts’ opinions, electrical stimulation is a great place to start at-home physical therapy. The best part is you do not need to go to a medical doctor to get this equipment. In fact, there are amazing deals offered for PEMF devices for sale online.

3. Heated Blanket

If your spoonie’s condition keeps them up at night, then you should get them an electronically heated blanket. It will help them get better sleep and provide them some added comfort throughout the day. It’s a thoughtful gift that is sure to remind your spoonie just how much you care about them.

4. Comfortable House Socks

House socks or slipper socks are a great way to add a personalized touch to your gift while still providing heaps of comfort. This simple gift can provide a warm and cushioned compress around the feet, which bear the weight of our bodies all day. These are easy to find online and your options are near limitless, so you’re sure to find the perfect look and design—and hours of comfort—for the spoonie in your life.

5. Premier Simulated Diamonds

Diamonds are never a bad gift idea if you can afford them. But Agape Diamonds’ beautiful jewelry is only a fraction of the price of a natural earth diamond (and differences between the gems are imperceptible to the naked eye), proving that Agape’s diamonds are for everybody. Their beautiful presentation boxes come with ivory satin interiors for their diamonds of any carat size, and for silver and white gold products. Smart buyers know that Agape is the superior alternative to jewelry stores—just take a look at Agape Diamonds reviews to learn more. Not only do these jewels hold the beauty of a natural stone, but the company offers a free return policy if you need to return the ring for any reason within 30 days (and 15 days for Earth-mined and lab-grown diamonds).

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