5 Great Dating Strategies From Around the World


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For some, dating is a way of finding a spouse; for others, dating is something to be done for enjoyment. Dating strategies are often not only based on one’s culture but also on their religion, upbringing, and personal views on sex and relationships.

An Insider article from 2018 displayed just how different dating can be in other countries. From different attitudes on the significance of dating to differing ideas about family members’ involvement to PDA being straight-up illegal to countries where romance and intimacy reign supreme – it’s crazy how different we all approach finding someone to love. Check out the following five dating strategies from around the world:

1. Persian Dating in America

Since only half a million people living in the United States self-identify as having Iranian heritage and 40 percent of this half a million people live in California, according to a Business Insider article from 2020finding Iranian singles can be challenging living in the U.S.

Luckily, in this world of online dating sites, you can find Iranian singles easily and safely through an online environment. Using Persian dating sites like Iranian Personals, you can find the largest community of Iranian singles from around the world. This is the ideal Iranian dating site to find your soul mate or potential spouse.

However, by setting up an account on Iranian Personals, you can make your intentions clear and merely look for like-minded individuals to start friendships with as well. Maybe it will lead somewhere; maybe it won’t. The point is to experience friendship, fun, and maybe a little romance. Set up your free account at Iranian Personals and browse the largest Iranian dating site online today.

2. Dating in the United States

According to the previously mentioned Insider article, dating in the United States tends to be relatively casual (especially amongst young people), with most Americans meeting potential partners at bars, through friends, or dating apps. However, living in America also means that one in five people live with a mental illness, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC also notes that as many as one in twenty-five Americans has a serious mental illness.

This can mean that many Americans should spend more time focusing on their physical and emotional health instead of their dating lives. With the global pandemic hitting the United States so hard, this last year has taken a serious toll on American’s emotional health, mental health, and physical health, resulting in negative health consequences. Luckily, Americans are known for their resilience. By acknowledging the important role that healthful behaviors can have on their life and longevity, they can come out of this funk.

For example, taking the time to focus on wellness and quality of life through things such as making sure to get plenty of sleep (at least seven hours per night), increasing physical activity, eating healthier, and practicing meditation (or even avoid stressors for a specific period each day) can all increase both emotional health and physical health. This will put them at a lower risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and even cancer.

3. Online Dating Sites – Popular Around the Globe

Did you know that online dating sites aren’t only popular in the United States? According to the previously mentioned Insider article, Tinder’s popular dating site has been growing in popularity among the youngsters (those in their 20’s) in India of all places (where dating is far more conservative than most countries). This article also mentioned how dating apps have increased in popularity in South Africa, where dating is more like dating in the U.S. than anywhere else.

4. China –a Heterosexual Crisis for Men

According to the Insider article, in China, males significantly outnumber females. This means that, when it comes to dating, at least, Chinese women have more power. This imbalance has caused heterosexual males to “dating schools” and speed dating to find a female companion. If a male has a “good job” and is single, the older generation will usually pose their own interventions by setting him up on blind dates.

5. Dating in Italy

Italians tend to be known for romance, a slow-paced lifestyle, and long-term relationships. A 2017 blog post from Vanderbilt University noted how Italians often have a “non-adoption, and even rejection, of American hookup culture” and tend to go on lots of dates getting to know someone for years (generally somewhere between 5-6 years, in fact) before marriage. However, according to Insider, the intensely romantic atmosphere of Italian culture does have a darker lustier side. Following the guide of historical romancer (and womanizer) Casanova, Italian men are known for being romantics.

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