5 Habits for a Healthy Mind and Body


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I find that nurturing a healthy mind and body on top of my daily tasks is a chore. Prioritizing myself in addition to my responsibilities means finding time in the day to set aside. Surely it’s not that challenging to create new habits that improve my mental and physical well-being? I am asking the experts for five habits for a healthy mind and body that I can integrate into my daily routine. 

Exercise Doing Something You Love 

Routine physical exercise helps reduce stress, increase energy, improve mood, and can encourage creativity. The best way to develop a long-term exercise habit is to exercise doing something you love. Choose an exercise method that you look forward to doing and find enjoyable. 

Mindful Walking 

Pair walking with mediation and you have mindful walking. This means being conscious of the steps you take and your surroundings to become in tune with your body. Paying attention to how the body feels and being aware of movement helps you to notice if anything is physically wrong. 

Staying on top of annual medical checkups is important for staying healthy. Unfortunately, not all of us have jobs that sponsor health insurance and paying out of pocket can be a financial burden. Agile Health Insurance offers individuals health insurance for one month. There is no open enrollment period for temporary health insurance, so you can sign up at any time for an affordable insurance plan with streamlined benefits that will cover unexpected illness or injury. 

Create a Nighttime Routine 

Some people are more productive at night while others are more productive in the mornings. To get into the habit of rising early, create a morning routine that will prepare you for the day. 

Create a nighttime routine that will prepare you for the right state of mind before bed. Reflect on the events of the day, plan the next day and decide on how to tackle the tasks and goals ahead. Instead of being lazy and letting tasks left unfinished carry over to the next day, get them out of the way. 

Sometimes you need help making sense of things and connecting the dots. Therapists can help create lasting change and help you work towards goals. The Baltimore Therapy Group is responsive and welcoming of people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Their experienced therapists have worked in a variety of settings that prepare them for any situation that arises. No matter the psychological need or type of therapy service sought, Baltimore Therapy Group is ready to help in any way. 

Trade Sugar for Water

The fuel you choose for your body impacts its performance. Instead of focusing on overhauling your diet and committing to habits that will quickly be broken, take a relaxed approach to nutrition. 

Be aware of how much sugar you consume in a day and try to limit amounts to 50 grams or less. Hydration is important and should start the minute you get out of bed. Before the first coffee or tea of the day, drink a glass of room temperature water when you wake. Water hydrates the body, lubricates joints, gets the gastrointestinal tract moving, and increases mental alertness. 

Vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients are found in fruits and vegetables. Low in calories and fat, these gems can help you maintain a healthy weight and make you feel full. Start with a fruit or vegetable when meal planning and build a dish around it. 

Find a Passion or Creative Outlet 

Having the ability to pursue a passion is motivating and satisfying. A great way to gain a sense of vitality and energy is having a steady outlet for creativity. If you don’t know what you are passionate about, start exploring yourself. Feeling fulfilled and happy is a recipe for a happy mind. 

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