5 Hacks That Make Having a Dog Easier


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If you just brought home a brand new pup, odds are you’re up to your ears in stress and worry about taking care of your new best friend the best you can. With work, school, and family obligations, a dog can be a lot of hard work. Many new dog owners report that they come home to torn up furniture, accidents on the carpet, or chewed up leashes. Strong dogs may even knock over lamps or Christmas trees, causing a major mess. If you’re at your wit’s end with your new dog, whether its a small Pug or a giant Great Dane, here are five ways to make your life easier.

1. Make the other parts of your life seamless and worry-free

One way to make your life easier while you’re housing a wild pup is to make the other parts of your life much easier in whatever way you can. Invest in an Amazon Echo, Alexa, or other smart home devices that will up the ease of your lifestyle. These devices make it easier for you to listen to music, hear the news, learn about the weather, or even stock up on household essentials. Just say, “Alexa, order more paper towels.” When you have home automation accessories that help your household run more smoothly, you can use more brainpower on helping train or give love to your sweet dog.

2. Innovate your fetch game

Fetch is a classic game that dogs and people alike love to play. However, it can get monotonous to keep tossing the ball when you just want to tire out your rambunctious dog enough for them, or you, to get some sleep. Consider playing fetch on a hill, where your pup has to run up the hill to give you the ball to throw again. This will tire them out much faster, which means less strain on your pitching arm.

3. Get a high-quality leash for your puppy or adult dog

Making sure that you’re being a good dog parent includes keeping your dog’s comfort in mind at all times. That’s why you need the best dog harness that makes your little dog, mid-size, or big dog feel comfortable and safe while out on a walk. The Joyride Harness harnesses are the best on the market, with an easy on and off and side rings that discourage pulling. If you have a strong dog, you know just how hard it can be to keep your dog harness under control while out on a walk. Each harness has adjustable straps and a buckle for ease on your part and your dog’s. You don’t have to be a professional dog walker to treat your dog to a professional-grade harness.

4. Simple tips for your dog’s food and water intake

Some dogs have problems eating the right amount of food or getting enough water in their system. You can fight the overeating issue by putting a tennis ball in their food bowl to discourage them from gulping everything up at once. For water, especially in the summer, it may be a good idea to freeze toys or bones in water in a cake pan. The result is an ice lick that your dogs will love to use.

5. Use a squeegee to remove dog hair from fabric

If you go on a lot of road trips with your pooch, consider keeping a squeegee in the car so that you can quickly wick up dog fur from fabric seats and reduce allergens. You could also use a pair of rubber gloves to rub over the fabric that has dog fur on it. The rubber attracts the hairs and makes quick work of pet hair cleanup.

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