5 Things to Know About Your Health By the Time You’re 30


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Are you worried about age-related illnesses and issues as you turn 30? Since 60 is the new 40, 30 doesn’t seem old enough to start worrying about your health. However, it’s a good time to start becoming more aware of it. By the time you’re 30, you should know certain things about health issues, treatment options, and how your body is changing.

Even if you think you know everything, brush up on your knowledge. For instance, do you know enough about what’s going to happen to your organs as they age? Do you follow proper skincare, exercise for good health, and eat to combat the side effects of aging? Here’s a starting guide to help you learn more.

1. Your prostate requires supervision.

For all you guys out there, as you age, you have to take better care of your prostate. While prostate cancer usually affects older men, men under 55 are increasingly at risk to develop this cancer. And, prostate cancer isn’t the only issue to worry about. You may also get benign prostatic hyperplasia, a condition where you have an enlarged prostate but no cancer. Issues such as frequent urination, problems with urine flow, and general bladder issues are natural signs of aging. However, they may also point to poor prostate health. That’s why you need to begin to care for your prostate early on.

Be proactive about your prostate health, and consider adding a urinary and prostate health solution like Prostate 911 to your daily routine. Also, watch for the signs of a prostate problem. Don’t delay a doctor’s visit if you experience painful ejaculation, muscle aches, or limb pain. Stiffness in your joints and urination issues also signal prostate problems.

2. Self-care is worth it.


Getting a facial treatment sounds like a luxury, but there are real skincare benefits to one. Regardless of your skin type, issues affecting your skin may also begin to change after 30. Your skin may lose its elasticity, and suddenly break out in cystic acne. You may also require more hydration. It’s good to add vitamin E, retinol, and glycolic acid to your skincare routine. However, the best way to care for your skin is to formulate a treatment plan specific to your skin type.

Whether you need anti-aging care, a cleanse, or just some rejuvenation, add a facial treatment to your routine. Find a good esthetician who can offer everything from a chemical peel to a facial massage according to your skin type. Look for the best facial by researching your options online. Consider typing in something like “facials near me” to find a facial treatment in your area.

Remember, a facial treatment that includes a massage may help with relaxation and skin restoration. It may help if you have dehydrated skin to make your skin look radiant. Another happy side effect is that facials also target inflammation, rosacea, blackheads, and fine lines.

3. Oral health affects your overall health.

When did you last see your dentist? You may not have any cavities, but don’t skip your regular cleaning appointment. By the time you’re 30, you should know that dental issues lead to more than cavities. You may get gum disease and tooth decay, but you may also get heart disease and dementia. So, don’t skip your next dental appointment.

Remember, dental issues may also be a sign of other health problems like diabetes and osteoporosis. So, ensure your dentist has the skills to see the signs of such problems. Search for the top dentist in your area to ensure your dental procedure is effective and affordable. To look for the best dental services, consider an online search. For example—if you’re in Lakewood—search for dental treatments in Lakewood, OH. It’s cheaper, more convenient, and easier to drive to a dental clinic in your area in an emergency than if it’s farther away.

4. Your heart needs daily activity.

Forget exercising for vanity, and start exercising for health. Your cardiovascular system begins to slow down as you age. Regular activity is especially important as you age. So, you should know how to care for your heart by the time you’re 30. Strengthen your endurance, lower your cholesterol, and make an effort to exercise according to physical activity guidelines, aiming for at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week. You may find it’s easier to stick to a steady exercise routine as you age.

5. Vitamin deficiencies signal health issues.


Don’t ignore your vitamin levels. It’s important to realize that poor vitamin health may lead to more than fatigue and general weakness. Don’t pop supplements with wild abandon, but don’t ignore this either. Consult a doctor to ensure you’re not at risk of an iron-deficiency since that may signal anemia. Also, check that you have enough vitamin D, even if you get ample sunlight. Consider an overall health checkup before you start taking any new supplements.

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