5 Tips for Increasing Your Size Naturally


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Several factors can influence the shape, color, and size of your penis. And, there’s no one way that it’s supposed to look. So, does the size of your penis matter that much? The debate over whether size matters is a complicated one. Several factors influence what defines a small penis. However, as many health professionals will tell you — size doesn’t matter. Still, many men can be insecure about the size of their penis.

So, even if your penis size doesn’t matter, it can be the source of shame, worry, and mental health problems. For many men, worry about their penis size can cause more issues with sexual performance. And, some may develop something known as called small penis syndrome. Nothing’s wrong with a desire to add extra inches to your penis — even if the anxiety is all in your head. There are several options to fix this. Penis enlargement pills, pumps, creams, and surgical procedures promise to increase penis size. However, natural techniques are less risky and may help as effectively. Here are a few you can try out.

Learn about jelqing.


Try a penis exercise that massages your penis tissues. It’s called jelqing, and it could improve blood circulation and help with your erection. It may also improve penis size and girth. For this exercise, you need to ensure your penis is well-lubed and that you have a semi-erection. A full erection or incorrect technique can cause bruising. So, make sure you ask a professional for help or research techniques before you attempt this. It will help avoid any permanent damage from any incorrect stretching or pulling.

Lose some weight.


Yes, your weight can affect the size of your manhood. It won’t increase its original size, but it will make it appear larger than before. For many men, penises may look smaller than they are because of excess weight. The layers of fat can protrude over your penis area and bury it. A happy side effect of weight loss is that it will also improve your erections. It may also improve things like testosterone and help with sexual performance.

Do some Kegels.

Exercise can benefit your body in so many ways. It can improve circulation, reduce your risk of diseases, and improve mental health. Did you know that this may also increase the size of your penis? Several Penis Enlargement Exercises may help enhance penis size. It’s best to ask a specialist for help to find the best options for your needs. One of the most effective ones for girth, size, and penis health is the Kegel. Yes, men do Kegel exercises too! To do a Kegel, you have to contract your pubococcygeus muscle for five seconds. It’s best to do this as many times as you can daily.

Try some stretching.

A rotating stretch on your shaft is an effective penis enlargement technique. The stretch requires you to use both your hands. First, pull gently near the head of your penis upwards. Do the same near the base of your penis downward. You can also try some simple stretches or rotation clockwise and anti-clockwise. Remember that a rotating stretch should not hurt in any way. If it begins to hurt, contact a urologist to see if there’s any damage.

Take a natural supplement.


Vitamins, herbs, and supplements may help increase blood flow and circulation. Consuming them may help with erections as well as penis enlargement. Natural vitamins that may help include L-arginine, which improves blood flow. Vitamin D, Vitamin C, magnesium, and folic acid may help with erectile dysfunction.

Quercetin may improve testosterone levels. And, vitamins and supplements that contain L-citrulline may improve circulation. All these supplements may also help with the size of your manhood. If you buy over-the-counter supplements, remember to watch out for any side effects. Ask your doctor and urologist before you start one.

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