5 Tips to Boost Your Style and Confidence


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Want to amp up your self-image? If so, a boost of confidence will help. Highly confident people believe they have the resources to meet the challenges ahead. They dress, speak, and walk to shine. On the other hand, a lack of self-confidence leads to insecurity and self-doubt, ultimately affecting your overall self-image. So, how can you boost your style and strengthen your self-confidence? These five tips will help.

1. Pay attention to every detail


Whether you’re looking to earn more respect and recognition at work or simply want to look good for yourself, image is everything. Every little detail from your Google Pixel 4 case to your shoes must be ‘on-fleek.’

Speaking of Google smartphone cases, check out the selection on Limited77. They offer an eye-catching and unique range of wooden Google Pixel phone cases. Their handcrafted cases are made from real reclaimed wood and a protective PU rubber outer shell. What you have here is a durable, environmentally friendly, yet very sleek thin case, to complement your personal style.

2. Be comfortable.

Yes, confidence comes with comfort! When we look and feel comfortable in our clothes, others will notice. So, dressing like a celebrity in distress doesn’t cut it. It’s time to ditch those skin-tight luminous clothes, wobbly high heels, and uncomfortable bras.

The first rule of comfort is to wear good underwear. Opt for a quality bralette, like those found on Soma. On the site, you’ll find a good range of underwire bras, full-coverage T-shirts and specialty bras. The result will be a curve-hugging fit for that confident, feminine flair. To top things off, they also offer free shipping and free returns on all bras.

3. Dress for success.


To boost self-confidence is to challenge yourself and re-create your entire image. This means you’ll have to leave your comfort zone of old shabby jeans and oversized T-shirts. Sounds scary right? However, if you’ve ever heard the saying “Clothes Make the Man” you’ll agree that there is certainly some truth to this (and no, it doesn’t only just apply to men!). The way we dress can earn us respect. For example, a well-cut jacket is one garment that always looks good both for casual and formal settings. A good fit ensures that you feel comfortable in your skin and appear self-confident.

The blazer is just one example. You’ll have to ditch your old clothes and find ways to improve your wardrobe. The Bookmark Sharer site has some cool tips on this. They suggest buying clothes with attention and using accessories and jewelry when revamping your entire wardrobe. A good idea is to opt for neutrals that are perfect for every body type. You’ll also have to consider your budget. If you don’t have a lot of money to spare, shop during clearance sales.

4. Exercise regularly for good mental health.

There’s no doubt that daily physical activity offers us a series of benefits to make us feel more confident. In fact, one study shows that physical exercise has a direct link with confidence. The truth is that our fast pace of life and long working hours lead to a less active lifestyle and insufficient oxygen intake, which ultimately affects our mental health. Overall, physical activity is good for our self-image. Plus, it lowers cholesterol, lowers stress levels, and increases overall energy.

5. Eat healthy for clear skin.


In addition to regular exercise, good nutrition is key to staying healthy. Remember, you have to feed the three million cells that make up your body, so you can function efficiently and carry yourself with confidence. You can achieve this with a healthy diet.

Also, beware of the nutrition myths. The body requires three to five small but balanced meals a day. By balanced, we mean eating the right mix of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fibers, and herbs. In addition to food, you also need to drink eight water glasses a day for clearer skin. Natural juices from fruits and vegetables will also suffice. However, soft drinks and alcohol won’t.

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