5 Ways to Beat the Heat


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Summer is just around the corner, and that means that temperatures are going up and the dials on the thermostats are going down. Although it’s safe in most places to go out in public to be with friends, many people are still opting to stay home as much as possible to do their part in ensuring the safety of others while our country still battles the hardships of COVID-19.

If you plan to stay home as much as possible this summer, or you remember the heat of last summer and don’t want to relive that discomfort, you’re probably already planning on ways to keep your home cooler without breaking the bank. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of ways that you can beat the heat and stay cool and comfortable all summer long!

1. Install an Air Conditioning Unit


Whether you live in a rental and don’t have the authority to install a full-blown central air system, or it’s just not in your budget, having air conditioning in your residence is absolutely the easiest way to cool your home. Skip the bulky, noisy window unit in each room and splurge for a ductless mini-split AC system instead.

A mini-split system carries cool air to the preferred areas of your home without the use of ducts, which means that your home stays cool without central air cooling rooms that aren’t being used. A ductless mini-split system is also ideal for older homes that don’t have the structure for a traditional HVAC system but are still too drafty to cool with a ceiling or window fan.

2. Get Blackout Curtains


While there are many benefits to keeping your living space brightly lit during the day, the long summer daylight hours mean more time for that sunshine to heat up your home—and keep it warm. If your central air or window units can’t seem to keep up with the heat, consider investing in blackout curtains in specific rooms to cut back on cooling costs. Blocking out the sunlight will keep your home cooler and give your air conditioning a break, saving you money in the long run.

3. Make sure you’re using your ceiling fans correctly.


If your home has ceiling fans, make sure you’re using them the right way. During the summer your ceiling fan should rotate counterclockwise, which pushes the cooler air downward. Using ceiling fans in tandem with an air conditioner is a low-cost way to ensure that your cool air stays lower within your home, so you can turn your thermostat up a couple of degrees and worry a little less about your energy bill.

4. Avoid over-using your stove.


It’s no secret that using your stove heats up your home. This means that every time you turn your stove on during the summer, you’re counteracting the hard work that your air systems are doing. Consider cooking in the evening, preparing your meals ahead of time, or using the microwave or grill whenever you can. You could also support local businesses and order takeout instead, but don’t forget to tip—your drivers are out in the heat so you don’t have to be!

5. Hydrate Properly


This may seem like a no-brainer, but increasing your water consumption during the summer will help you feel cooler even when your house doesn’t feel all that cool. If you find it hard to drink a ton of water during the day, fluids like homemade popsicles and juices, iced tea, and sparkling water will keep you hydrated without feeling like you’re forcing yourself to drink water. Hydration is especially important if you spend time outside or exercising, or are prone to heat-stroke-like symptoms.

Summer only lasts a few months, but uncomfortable temperatures can make it seem like the days drag on. Keep your home cool and your body hydrated, and beat the heat this summer!

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