5 Ways You Deserve to Be Pampered This Holiday


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The holidays are quickly approaching, and they’re going to be different this year. In previous years, we may have enjoyed the hustle and bustle that these cheery holidays bring. But after getting through a year like this one (yes, COVID-19…we’re talking about you), the only thing you may want to do this holiday is to relax. Truth be told, you definitely deserve it! To reward you for making it through this year, we encourage you to pamper yourself this holiday season. Here are a few ways you can treat yourself.

1. Go on a holiday trip.

The holiday season (also considered a “vacation” season) is a great time for you to escape the familiarity of your town. Not only is a vacation super relaxing, but it’s a great time for you to refresh and rejuvenate before getting back into the groove of daily life.

A perfect holiday getaway is The Casino Hotel & RV Park, fondly referred to as a “site for shore eyes“. If you’re a huge nature fan, there are a great many state parks and beaches for you to explore nearby. Sunset Bay State Park, Cape Arago State Park, Shore Acres State Park, Lighthouse Beach, and several other beautiful attractions. In addition to having access to these incredible nature spots, you’ll also have an array of exclusive amenities at this vacation rental (hot tub anyone?). Check out The Casino Hotel & RV Park’s web site the next time you’re ready to plan a vacation.

2. Get your nails done.

Do you remember your first set of nails you ever had done? Maybe it was a French manicure (we’ve all experienced a classic French tip). Perhaps it had elaborate nail art, topped with glitter. Whatever your style was, the feeling you get from having a brand new manicure is priceless.

Time to hit the nail salon…or not? ManiMe is a DIY nail company that creates personalized nail kits. With these kits, you’ll be able to create the luxury of doing your own nails at home. ManiMe has an impressive collection of nail polish colors, stick on nail polish, and nail stickers for you to choose from. With an easy application, you’ll see how a little bit goes a long way in transforming a clean nail into a dream manicure. Pick out your favorite color for your topcoat, gather your supplies (nail file, cuticle stick, nail polish, and buffer), and get ready to dazzle up your fingertips with ManiMe.

3. Spend a day at the spa.

Spas are always a great way to get pampered. Honestly, who doesn’t love the relaxing atmosphere and the incredible services.

Massages and body treatments, manicures and pedicures, replenishing facials — it’s the dreamiest way to spend the day.

Not to mention, in addition to their luxurious treatments, spas also offer enticing drinks such as coconut-inspired cocktails or fruit-infused water. Take the day for yourself and enjoy being pampered at your local spa this holiday.

4. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner.

When was the last time you went all out for dinner? Have you had your eye on the new, expensive-looking restaurant that just opened? Are you dying to enjoy a delicious meal of steak, seafood, and fine wine? Before you start to prepare for your homemade holiday dinners, take the time to get out of the kitchen. Instead, make a reservation with a special restaurant whose menu entices you. It’s nice to have someone else do all the cooking, isn’t it? And it’s even nicer to have someone do all the dishes afterward.

5. Handle all your holiday shopping online.

Honestly, the idea of braving overcrowded malls and jam-packed boutiques during this season (and during the middle of a pandemic) is a scary thought. Relieve that pressure for yourself by sticking to online shopping this holiday season. The luxury of ordering your loved ones’ gifts and presents from the comfort of your home is one of the biggest privileges that you can pamper yourself with. Stay inside and stay safe!

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