Becoming a More Confident Man: 5 Steps to Higher Self-Esteem


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A man who’s viewed as a “manly man” is usually a confident man. Unfortunately, many men lack this confidence and may end up feeling like they’re being overlooked by some segments of society. This had led to self-esteem and social issues with many men. While some may confuse confidence with annoying cockiness and pretentiousness, manly confidence is something different. Manly confidence is quiet but booming; it’s unpretentious but commanding. When a confident man walks into a room, people know it. The tips outlined below will help you implement manly confidence that leads to higher self-esteem.

Dress up your appearance

Paying attention to your grooming and dress can be a big confidence booster. If you feel good about yourself, chances are that others will feel good about you as well. Does this mean that you need to find your metrosexual side and coat yourself in creams, moisturizers, and lotions? While you could do that, you don’t have to. Rather, you should spend time going through a grooming routine and learning how to dress with swagger and style. Basic things like showering, shaving, brushing your teeth, and combing your hair should all have a place in your daily routine. While these actions seem like simple tasks, many men fail to do them. Pay attention to the simple things first!

After that, pay attention to your facial hair. Trimming and caring for your eyebrows, beard, mustache, and sideburns can make a statement. There’s a booming industry for male facial hair products, so do your research. You could consider trying oils, beard balm, beard combs, beard straighteners, or other items to help control your facial hair. If you have a curly beard or frizz that makes your facial hair look messy, consider using a beard straightener comb, like the one from The Beard Struggle, to say goodbye to unruly beards and bristles. Shorter beards can present a neat and clean and sometimes sexy vibe. Your beard style and hair volume might seem trivial, but these things can improve your appearance and help present the best you on the outside.

Another way to look your best is to dress your best. While sweat pants and t-shirts are nice for lounging, in public, it could make you look more like a bum and less like someone with confidence. A good idea is to dress like you might attend a business lunch or be invited to dinner. You’ll need to find a balance between casualness and formality. If you dress for success you will be set up for achieving success. The best results from your new-found appearance changes will be your increased swagger and confidence.

Set goals and accomplish them

What do you want to accomplish? A confident man sets goals and achieves them. If you can’t keep a promise to yourself to set a goal and achieve it, how can you have confidence in yourself? Start setting and achieving your goals today by focusing on one goal that you can accomplish and reach for it. If you’re a late sleeper, set a goal to get up early, and start doing it. If your grooming and dress routine isn’t up to par, figure out what you want to do and do it!

As you set and accomplish your goals, you’ll start to increase your confidence. Eventually, you’ll be able to reach for bigger goals that will give your confidence a major jolt. It’s a continuous cycle that you can build on, but you have to start with keeping small goals.

Speaking of goals, why not add in an exercise element to improve your appearance and stamina. There is no quicker way to boost manly confidence quite like exercise. Increased blood flow makes you feel good and your body will release hormones that boost your confidence. Pumping iron and doing some cardio exercises is a sure-fire way to make you feel confident and strong. Your self-esteem will benefit from your exercise routine.

Improve your performance

When it comes to manly confidence, your sex life might be a problem that is troubling you. Let’s face it, nobody likes to admit when there is a problem “downstairs.” However, sexual desire, testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction, and other problems can all contribute to sexual performance issues and cause a dip in confidence. Sex is a confidence problem that could be looming for all of us. Performance anxiety or the desire to please can plague even the manliest of men. Even if everything in the bedroom is alright, studies show that most people are bound for difficulties at some point. From stamina to libido to your performance, any number of sexual issues could impact your confidence and your self-esteem.

There are a number of dietary supplements, herbs, vitamins, and male enhancement supplements, that may help with low libido, erectile dysfunction, sexual performance, and other problems that may be dragging down your sexual self-esteem. Companies like Leading Edge Health can help you find the best male enhancement pills to improve your sexual wellness. While there are pros and cons to nutritional supplements, experts agree that healthy sexual performance can be directly tied to your confidence and self-esteem as a man. Looking for options and ways to support your sexual health can give you the confidence and swagger that you have been looking for.

Learn something new

Confident men are learners and are looking for ways to step their game up. When you learn a new skill, you are demonstrating that you’re capable of changing and adapting to life’s curveballs. There are millions of new things that you can learn and skills that you can acquire. Find something that you’ve always wanted to know or do and start working. Want to know a martial art? Call a local martial arts studio and sign up for classes. Want to be handier with your car? Take a class or get a book on auto repair. There are several things that you can do to learn something new. A self-starting man is a confident man that knows he can do anything he sets his mind to.

Speaking of learning new things, how is your dating game? Pickup artist training companies are becoming the hot new thing on the market today. What was once just you trying to practice your pick up lines in the mirror, is now a scientific multi-billion dollar industry. Pick up artist training (PUA training) offers numerous benefits, however, it might not be right for everyone. These trainings seek to push students out of their comfort zone and make them better communicators with things like eye contact, smiling, and listening. These trainings are definite confidence builders. If you’re lacking skills in this area, it might be worth a shot.

Take pride in yourself

The final tip to getting that manly swagger and confidence is to be proud of how awesome you are. Take a few minutes to sit down and think back to moments in life when you were successful. It doesn’t matter how big those moments were, just think about the successes. By remembering how awesome you are, you’ll feel completely confident that you can grab the world by the horns. Realizing that you can succeed breeds confidence. Now that you’ve found your manly confidence, go out with your new-found swagger and conquer the world!

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