Common Tools YouTube Stars Use to Create Content


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Youtube is arguably one of the most well-known websites—with about two billion users each month and over a billion video watch hours daily. What’s more, YouTubers upload about 300 hours of content every minute. That’s a highly competitive market right there. What’s even more impressive is that more than 40% of channel owners earn six figures year-over-year. However, to do this right, here are essential tools.

1. A Personal Computer


To be able to create your content for YouTube, you need a computer. You can opt for either a desktop computer or a laptop or both; if you can afford it. If you don’t have any of these two, you could resort to your mobile phone. This saves you space and money.

And so, if your vlog is centered around advice for growing a business focused on food and nutrition, using a camera or a laptop will be best. You might be moving around a lot, interviewing business owners, and sampling menus. More business-centered content ideas on food and nutrition Trading Costs have written a great piece on this. Their site offers extensive information on entrepreneurship and consumer behavior.

2. Youtube Video Editing Software


Before you upload a video on YouTube, you need to polish it up. With video editing software, you can cut, paste, crop, add or remove sounds, add background music, and filters. Softwares like Corel VideoStudio, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Rush, Apple iMovie, Filmora 9, etc., are great for YouTube video editing.

Suppose you intend to make your own cooking show on YouTube with tips on famous delicacies and recipes. You could use any of the software mentioned to churn out brief yet compelling content that will have viewers return to your channel for more. More ideas Q Entertainment offers unique branding articles and lifestyle tips that can help sharpen your knowledge on your cooking show ideas.

3. Camera


Try to invest in a good camera. Most people love to watch videos in full HD. Being able to see little details makes the experience a lot more pleasant. Mobile phone cameras, DSLR cameras, action cameras, webcams, and camcorders are all camera options available. With any of these on a camera gimbal, you can generate sound and quality videos for your channel.

You can start with the inexpensive choice (mobile phone camera) and work your way to buy any of these when you can afford it. If not, you can also employ the services of camera rental companies like They offer high-level camera and audio equipment, lighting kits, lenses, production support systems, and exceptional customer service. Their equipment meets industry standards and is easy to use by both professionals and novices. What’s more, they deliver to all 50 states in the US and even have local pick-up points to go to if you prefer.

The entire transaction is done through their website, but if you have a special request or need guidance with a piece of rented equipment, give them a call. Their team of highly skilled videographers and photographers are always ready to assist. All you are required to do is rent what you need, shoot your video or photos, and return the equipment intact.

4. Photo Editing Tool


Creating attractive thumbnails is an integral part of a content creator’s responsibility. Adobe Photoshop is one photo editing software you can use. If you don’t have it, you can still access a simplified version (Photopea) online. This software offers features like healing brush, patch tool, and spot healing while supporting layer styles, vector shapes, filters, masks, etc.

Canva is also another great tool, especially for YouTube thumbnails. It’s mostly free and can also be accessed online. You can use other equally excellent photo editing tools: Adobe Lightroom, Corel DRAW, Snapseed, Airbrush, and several others.

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