Do People Still Go On Blind Dates?


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While the traditional definition of blind dating is when two strangers are set up by a mutual associate, if online dating websites are the new mutual acquaintance, blind dating still happens. It doesn’t need to be your mother, sister, or cousin who sets you up on a date with a stranger in 2021. An ordinary dating site can serve perfectly fine as your real-life matchmaker. Whether old-fashioned or fully up to speed with modern technology, if you’ve dipped your toes into the waters of online dating, you’re likely to experience the same feelings as a hopeful romantic in the 1960s.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to go on a first date with someone you’ve never met in person in these techy times, read on.

Being Authentic


When getting to know someone online before an initial blind meeting, be as transparent as you can without going overboard. If you normally wear makeup and tailored suits, show your profile picture self in your best corporate getup. If wearing your hair down and a hoodie sweatshirt is more representative of your style, show that, too.

While you don’t have to tell your potential date about your specific interest in supplements or how that kidney infection and water retention last year got you into researching the best natural diuretic products, it might be good to let them know of your overall interests. Explain what you know about holistic health and the use of CBD products without going on tangents about hemp flowers and why hypertension is dangerous. In short, talking in general about your lifestyle, career, and interests is great, but don’t overwhelm them with the details.

If you’re a cigarette smoker, don’t hide it. Eventually, your date will be able to smell your cigarette smoke, and it could be a dealbreaker. Admit that you’re a slob in real life. You never know if your potential date is a messy nicotine addict, too. There’s a match for everyone, and it’s better to laugh about it together than lie. You want them to like you for the true you.

One way to give your date a good idea of who you are is to agree to a video chat. While this can be intimidating, it will reduce the risk of fake profiles, bad connections, and hurt feelings. Use an app for this chat instead of giving your blind date your phone number. While using a program like Facetime, pay attention to what they’re showing you, too.

Watching for Red Flags


There are pros and cons to online dating that are different than traditional old school blind dates. Technology has made it so people can pretend to be someone other than their true self. The potential date you believe you’re talking to could be a different age, gender, or nothing like the way they represent themselves online. With nothing more to vouch for their identity than a dating site, you’ll need to be on the lookout for red flags.

There are always telltale signs that you’re being catfished. Catfishing is a term for someone pretending to be someone they’re not on the internet. Pay attention to little things. Make sure their story stays consistent. Always talk to a person online several times before moving to the phone. Repeat this process of regular chat at various times of day before ever agreeing to meet in person.

Staying Calm


It’s normal to want to make a last-minute excuse to get out of a blind date. If you’ve seen major red flags, you have an excuse all your own. If all looks good, and you feel you might have a connection, your best bet is to find ways to calm yourself down. If you’ve ever experienced the effects of smoking a CBD cigarette or used other CBD products, you already know how to calm yourself down.

Other ways to reduce anxiety while deciding on what to wear, what cosmetics to use, and whether you should check your date’s social media accounts include making green tea, a walk to the beach, spending time in nature, and writing a list of reasons you deserve new love and companionship. Remind yourself that you’re not alone in your nervousness and that more than one love story has come from a blind meeting like the one you’re about to embark upon.

Remaining Cautious


Whether you’ve used Facetime and he’s already called you beautiful, or she suspects you’re using a false identity and appears to be stalking your social media, it’s important to stay cautious with the first meeting. Bring a phone, meet in a public place, tell your friends and family where you’ll be, and set a time the date will be over. Don’t get your hopes too high. Even the smartest people have fallen for a scam or two on an online dating site. Try to look at the whole thing as a possibility and not a sure thing.

Whether looking to get into a traditional or alternative romantic dating relationship, safety should be key, even during the initial meeting. Maybe you’re looking to meet your sugar daddy for the first time. Keep in mind that people catfish, and for as hopeful as you might be about your potential sugar relationship, it’s possible that he isn’t who he says he is.

In the end, blind dating certainly still exists. Both in the conventional and online dating sense, thousands of couples all over the United States and the world meet up with hopeful intentions and sometimes wind up with those perfect happy endings. If you’re brave enough to try, remember to be yourself, protect your privacy, take it slow, and watch for red flags. Most of all, do all you can to have fun. Blind dating is an adventure that, with enough practice, could even help you find your perfect match.

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