Here’s How to Look More Attractive, According to Science


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Perceptions of beauty vary by culture and person and universally is a combination of character traits and physical attributes. Genetics plays a role in beauty, but there are also scientific factors that contribute to perceptions of beauty. Attractiveness is based on physical looks, behavior, and personal presence. Here’s how to look more attractive, according to science. 

Smile Bright

People who smile come off as cute and approachable; however, sometimes smiling can go too far. Men who smile too much can be perceived by women as less attractive than those men who present a proud look. Oddly enough, men tend to perceive women who smile and show happiness as more attractive. Keep in mind, whether male or female, no one likes the look of stained or discolored teeth. Clean white teeth show good hygiene and make people more attractive. 

A bright white smile pops more on a sun-kissed face. Z Bods tanning salons in Scottsdale specializes in all-natural organic spray tans and mobile spray tans. They offer a variety of custom light, medium and dark spray tans that look natural on all skin types and complexions. Best of all, Z Bods airbrushed spray tans are odorless, non-orange, and non-streaking. 

Practice Good Hygiene 

Skin plays a large role in overall attractiveness and is an indicator of good health. Practice good hygiene and follow a daily skincare regimen that includes exfoliation and moisturizing. Get into the habit of applying sunscreen as well to keep skin protected and youthful. 

Many people don’t think about taking preventative measures against skin damage in their youth, which can result in aged-looking skin. A botox injection will work wonders on deep lines and wrinkles on the face and give a younger appearance. The medical professionals at Divante Laser Med Spa can answer any questions about botox and have the skills and experience required to safely and securely perform this non-surgical injection to help anyone put their best face forward. 

When it comes to facial hair, the majority of women do not find bearded men as attractive as men with no facial hair. Men with beards are perceived as having a higher social status, but it should be noted that facial hair preference varies with age. Post-menopausal women and women at high fertility phases tend to find facial hair more attractive. Keep facial hair groomed and avoid a neckbeard at all costs. 

Wear Red 

Red is a vivid color that is associated with love and passion among other things. Lips are considered one of the most attractive features of a person especially when they draw attention. Women who wear red lipstick will receive more attention and for a longer amount of time. 

People who wear red clothing are considered more attractive than when wearing other colors. Men perceive implied sexuality among women who wear red clothing. 

Have a Kind and Confident Attitude 

Human attraction is not just physical; people who are kind often come off as being more attractive. The more socially favorable someone is, the more they are perceived as physically attractive. Carrying a confident attitude also positively impacts how attractive someone seems. Confident people are more likely to inspire trust, make solid eye contact, and have open body language, which draws interest. 

In addition to kindness and confidence, a sense of humor also plays a factor in attractiveness. Women are drawn to men with a sense of humor and find men who can make them laugh desirable. Men are interested in women who laugh at their jokes but don’t necessarily find women with a sense of humor to be any more or less attractive. 

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