Holistic Healing: Your Guide to Alternative Medicine


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Nowadays, the wellness industry is booming. Consumers are looking for ways to stay healthier and to treat injuries in illnesses in a more holistic manner, as studies about the negative side effects and addictive qualities of some prescription medications continue to become more mainstream. These news stories are all too real in areas of the Midwest like Ohio, where the opioid epidemic has played a role in the disruption of many families’ lives, well-being, and job status. Alternative medicine can take a wide variety of forms and offers a host of health benefits. Here is a brief rundown of some alternative approaches you might want to take on your own at home or at one of several alternative medicine practitioners in Medina, OH.

Essential oils

One of the most common types of alternative medicine you’re likely to encounter is the world of essential oils. Essential oils are a must if you’re interested in leading a more natural lifestyle, since they are completely organic and derived from natural plants or minerals. Essential oils provide a wealth of benefits, similar to the spectrum of positive effects associated with vitamins and other natural supplements. Some essential oils have been shown to increase concentration or relieve feelings of nausea when rubbed on the temples or inhaled. Others, like lavender oil, have a significant body of research illustrating the powerful link between lavender and a decrease in stress. Another natural oil, CBD oil, is derived from the cannabis plant and also boasts many health benefits. Most promising is the research linking sublingual CBD oil with a natural way to address seizures in children and adults.

Dynamic stretching

While essential oils offer a reactive approach to different health concerns, alternative medicine can also help in the world of preventative medicine. One such area is the practice of dynamic stretching, as lead by Michael Bewley of DWMA Sports. Bewley’s courses feature a full range of stretches and poses that can help prevent injury. Even if you aren’t an athlete and are just working out at the gym or moderately active in your job during the day, dynamic stretching has a place in your life. Take, for example, movements that help your thoracic spine regain a full range of motion. These sorts of stretches don’t just help your spine; they can also improve your neck, shoulders and ability to lift things above your head. While these sorts of benefits of course are helpful for athletes who play sports like basketball and golf, they also have a place in preventing injury in anyone taking down a box of holiday decorations from an overhead shelf in their garage.

Other forms of preventative alternative medicine include yoga, Tai chi, and other body movement therapies like Feldenkrais. All of these help your body move more effectively through the world and can also decrease stress and help you sleep more deeply. These benefits go beyond mere physical benefits, as the mind body connection plays a major role in mental health, as well. With mental health disorders at an all-time high, having physical activities that help increase blood flow and positive feelings can help prevent more serious ailments from developing.

As you can see, there are a myriad of benefits from taking a more holistic approach to your health. Alternative medicine encompasses many different approaches to treatment, including preventative care, rehabilitation, and nontraditional medicinal cures. If you’re wary of prescription drugs and want to live a more natural lifestyle, alternative medicine is an ideal way to tackle your health concerns. From preventative therapies like dynamic stretching and Feldenkrais to essential oils and CBD, there’s bound to be an alternative approach for your condition if you just do a little research.

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