Hot Tips Every Bride-To-Be Should Consider NOW For Their Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist


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Getting married should be the most memorable day of your life. It begins the union between you and your significant other, displaying to friends and family your everlasting devotion. While dreams of the perfect table settings and show-stopping dress may be floating about in your mind, planning a wedding can be demanding on your time and stress levels. Before taking one french manicured toe down the aisle, make sure your big day goes off without a snag by creating the ultimate wedding planning checklist. 

Organize Your Journey

Dreaming of a beautiful wedding is easy; pulling it off the way you dreamed can be a little trickier. Once you’ve said yes you don’t have to panic. You can create unique wedding websites to set up your registry, potential guest lists, and save the date designs to email. Download the app for convenience when you are out and wish to record a sweet photo or cake tastings. This virtual scrapbook is a beautiful way to collect and share your big day in one place. 

Another great way to begin your planning is to create a vision or dream board. This is a collection of pictures from magazines, fabrics, business cards of vendors, and even pictures of you and your loved one. It allows you to see everything in one place and a fun project to do with your partner, parents, and people in your bridal party to help piece together a vision of what you may want. Visualizing everything may give you a different spin on inspiration when laid out in front of you.

Finance With Your Fiance

After the initial engagement excitement, your mind begins to be replaced by wedding plans (and a bombardment of questions from everyone). This includes where you may want the ceremony and reception, how many people are going to be invited, and if your sister’s new boyfriend’s little sister can be the flower girl. On average, a wedding can cost more than a new car; about 34 thousand dollars and continue to grow when you begin adding in all the extras. You both should brainstorm about the size of the wedding and the cost of food. Plan on adding gifts for the wedding party and if you’re having a bridal shower or engagement party. 

Another issue you should take into account is where you’ll be living after the wedding. If you aren’t living together already, your budget for the big day may change if you need a place where you can both live (which doesn’t include a childhood home’s basement). Once you’re married, your money also joins together which includes any debt such as college loans. Speaking to a financial advisor may help iron out some details you overlooked so you can have the best and wallet-friendly wedding you both want.

Stick To Your Vision For The Venue

Many people enjoy taking professional photos of their adventures leading up to the wedding such as mini-vacations or dinner with the in-laws. Stand out in each picture with beautiful designer clothing for women that work anywhere. You also want to look your best when meeting the professionals who are helping you pull your wedding together. You’ll look back on these days and be glad your look was relaxed but polished. Walking into a place you wish to hold your important day with self-confidence may even help secure the venue (or may lead to a great deal!).

Talking about different ideas can lead to new directions you may like, but if there is something you’re set on, don’t be swayed. Beforehand, do your research; search the comments on a potential venue’s social media or website for any hints or tips such as packages or deals others may have gotten. You might be able to strike a bargain in return for stellar reviews left afterward by you and guests.

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