How To Be a Fashion Instagrammer in 5 Easy Steps


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Instagram is a social media platform that primarily focuses on image content, including photos and video. Due to its reliance on visuals, it has become a go-to platform for people who want to be influencers in fashion, food, and travel. If you have an eye for fashion and love being a trend-setter, you can become a fashion Instagrammer to grow your brand and style. Here are five steps to becoming a fashion Instagrammer.

1. Be confident in your style.


Being a social media content creator means putting yourself out there for the world to see, which comes with many good and bad. To become a fashion Instagrammer, you need to have a style that you are confident in and willing to express publically. It’s inevitable that people may criticize you or judge your sense of style but the key is to own it. Post your outfit of the day consistently and let your personality shine through your online presence. Being confident and owning your personal flair will attract followers and inspire everyday folks.

2. Get a high-quality camera.


Since your Instagram content will comprise images and videos, you need to have a high-quality camera that will take crisp, clear photos and provide a variety of options so you can change the focus or use different filters. For example, when taking pictures of yourself wearing female boxers, you want the color of the boxers to pop within the photo. You want the design details and texture of the fabric to be visible, and that requires a high-quality camera.

3. Learn how to edit photos.


Editing photos is a critical skill for a social media content creator. It may take 50 photos to get one you are happy with, and then you’ll need to edit it to make it look perfect. Editing may include changing the color, resolution, contrast, and saturation. It may also mean editing things out of the photo or the background, adding items in, or altering the way you look in the photo. You can do a lot in the editing process, so the more you learn about photo editing, the more versatile you will be moving forward.

4. Create an editorial calendar.


When it comes to content creation, influencers may seem like they are doing things spontaneously, but they aren’t. The good ones who consistently produce new content use editorial calendars, and they are working on ideas weeks or even months in advance. An editorial calendar is a great way to plan out your content, hashtags, social media marketing to go along with your content, and everything that goes into creating content.

For example, if you know what photos you’ll be posting two weeks in advance, you can work with a graphic designer to visual content surrounding the brands you will be wearing. It is critical to work ahead constantly to have fresh content to post daily. Platforms like Instagram require frequent posting.

5. Engage with your followers.


Engaging with your followers is the key to growing your audience. Acknowledge their comments, answer their questions, tag followers on posts you believe they would like based on previous conversations. Ask your questions and then respond to people’s answers. The more you engage with your followers, the more they will engage with you, which means the platform’s algorithms will boost your content, allowing more people to find you and see you.

Becoming a fashion Instagrammer takes time and dedication. You need to be prepared to post new content consistently. While there is a chance you’ll quickly go viral, more than likely, you will need to gradually grow your audience over time, which takes a lot of work, creativity, and fresh ideas. You also need to enjoy what you are doing to ensure you don’t lose interest.

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