How to Implement BPM in Your Small Business


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Efficiency has always been a top priority for several organizations across diverse industries, leading to the adoption of methodologies like Lean Six Sigma to boost process efficiency in the past. However, many enterprises are relying on dynamic Business Process Management (BPM) these days, using software and expertise to measure, optimize, improve, and automate their workflows.

Modern-day BPM can be used for business process automation, workforce optimization, and case management to boost operational efficiency. As such, adopting BMP for your organization is worth considering to eliminate inefficiencies, improve cost savings, and guarantee customer satisfaction. Here’s a comprehensive guide you can rely on to implement BPM in your small business.

Choose a great BPM solution.


The right BPM tool is undoubtedly the all-important foundation upon which your entire business process management efforts will rest. Therefore, it’s essential to select a great BPM software with all the essential features to eliminate bottlenecks in your operations and guarantee process improvements effectively.

Generally, your BPM system should be capable of real-time monitoring and KPI measurement. In addition, select a BPM solution with social collaboration features, ensuring that your team can share documents, discuss approval cycles, among others. Finding the right BPM software is undoubtedly essential to realize all the goals of BPM. Leading software brands such as TIBCO will come in handy when seeking effective BPM tools for your company.

TIBCO is an enterprise-level software enterprise with a strong focus on Data Science, Predictive Analysis, and Data Visualization. They’re interested in unleashing real-time data’s potential to make faster and smarter data-based decisions. TIBCO is also a top recommendation for many small business owners that search for “what is business process management?” on leading search engines to improve their business processes. Their BPM Enterprise software is one of today’s most effective automation solutions, with great features like case management, open APIs, and work management capabilities.

As such, it can assist businesses in digitizing their operations to reduce human error, delays, and cost. In addition, TIBCO also offers low-cost software licenses to equip college students enrolled in tech degrees and the next generation of data analysts with industry-leading tools. This way, students can learn about the latest and most effective software being used in the workforce, preparing them for their future careers. What’s more, TIBCO is widely regarded as an industry leader in the data science software products sector, offering innovative software solutions to clients for many years.

Train your users.

Successful BPM implementation in an organization depends mainly on how humans in the process interact with the solution. BPM demands that all participants are accountable for the processes being executed, and the best way to achieve this is by coaching your employees. Consequently, conduct workshops about the BPM system’s basics expected results, and your reason for adopting a BPM solution. This way, employees can understand and collaborate with your BPM system better.

Select a process to test.

Testing your BPM solution is essential to find out how effective it is, so it’s crucial to select the right process for testing. Many small business owners naturally select processes that are causing the most havoc to their operations as their first choice for testing.

However, many experts advise against this, citing risk and ease of management as two crucial reasons why testing on a significant process is a bad idea. Instead, select an easy-to-manage process with lower risk, so your process owners can slowly gain confidence from using the BPM solution. Over time, you can slowly scale up the workflow to include major tasks and optimize your business processes for the best results.

To conclude, BPM implementation is an excellent idea to explore as a small business owner to improve your operations. The points above are worth following to guarantee a successful BPM implementation.

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