How To Keep Costs Low When Moving


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Moving is an exciting yet expensive experience. Not only are you paying the costs of getting into your new home, but you also have to pay the costs to relocate. Planning your move is key to keeping your moving costs low. Whether you’re moving across town or state lines, there are several things you can do to ease the costs of moving.

Find as many free packing boxes as possible


Rather than spend needless money on pricey moving boxes, hunt down free moving supplies from around town. It’s easy to find free boxes of all sizes from local stores. Liquor stores, grocery stores, and large retailers are all great places to find free moving supplies.

Choose the right date and time to move


When you choose to move can make a big difference in how much a professional moving company will charge. Avoid moving during the peak moving season from May to August if at all possible. The cheapest time to move is mid-week, mid-month from September to April. Opting for a DIY move is the best way to save on costs, especially if you don’t have the luxury of a flexible moving timeframe.

Real estate transactions are notoriously expensive. Buyers need a down payment and approval for a loan amount. Real estate investors understand the need for capital when the right investment property goes on the market. They often take advantage of hard money loans or bridge loans. This type of private lending is based on the value of the property used as collateral rather than the credit score of the borrower.

Bridge loans aren’t offered by traditional banks or credit unions. Hard money lenders are individual investors who see value in this type of risky investment. Hard money comes with a higher interest rate due to its short loan term. Hard money loans are a good option for wealthy investors who need to fund investment properties quickly, borrowers with substantial equity and poor credit, and real estate flippers.

Pacific Private Money provides the best-in-class alternative financing solutions for real estate transactions. The top private money lenders in California offer borrowers bridge and refinance, construction, commercial, and non-owner occupied acquisition and rehab loans. All loans are funded by private investors, and the private lender strives to produce above-market returns.

Declutter first, then pack


The first rule of packing is to only take what you need. Purge every last closet, cupboard, and drawer. Make separate piles for trash, donation, and sale. Any money you earn from selling your unwanted items can be put toward your moving costs. Taking the time to declutter can save you a nice chunk of change on your moving costs. The fewer boxes you have to pack and the less furniture you need to transport, the lower your costs will be.

Moving across state lines with a car adds to your moving expenses. Renting a large moving truck and towing a car can set you back thousands of dollars. A clever way to save money when moving is to sell your car beforehand and purchase a new car after you settle into your new home. You can use the money from the sale of your old car to purchase the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle and budget from an online car dealer.

The experienced sales staff at O’Brians Automotive have years of experience meeting the needs of each customer. When you search for ‘used car for sale Saskatoon,’ you’ll find an impressive online inventory of new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs. The car dealer offers promotions and financing options on popular cars including Mazda CX-3, CX-5, and CX-9, and Volvo, Dodge, and Jeep. Once you find the ideal car, fill out the pre-approval paperwork and have your car delivered to you for free.

Planning your move is the best way to lower your moving costs. Find as many free moving supplies as possible, choose the right date and time to move, and declutter before you pack.

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