How to Keep Life Exciting As You Get Older


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Date nights are an important part of an intimate relationship, especially when it comes to longevity. When you’ve been with the same person for a long time, it’s so important to maintain both emotional and physical intimacy to help keep the spark alive, even after the honeymoon phase ends.

While nothing can replace patience and mutual understanding, the physical part of any relationship plays a big part in the success of the relationship. As couples grow and age together, there may need to be some modifications made to keep having a great sex life.

Age can be tough on men especially, because they may have to deal with issues related to erectile dysfunction and reaching an orgasm. You and your partner may have to incorporate new things into your date nights to help spice things back up and get the mood right. Luckily, there are options to keep your sex life alive, including taking supplements, sex toys, and ambition. Together, you and your partner can easily overcome these obstacles and get back to lovemaking.

Go outside your comfort zone.


As people get older, there is less of a tendency to go outside of their comfort zone and try something new. As a couple, you and your spouse begin to find your favorite places to frequent for dinners out and you get into a routine of the things you do together. You go to the same places and get the same meals for date night, and while it is a special thing that you two share and bond over, this type of routine can become repetitive and mundane.

It’s important to occasionally change things up and go outside of your comfort zone for date nights. Start small and order something different at your favorite restaurant, and once you start feeling braver you might try suggesting a new place to go for your dinner date. Taking these baby steps to try something new is a great way to help you build up the courage to try something bold.

Try a different approach.


While going to a different restaurant and changing up your order are great stepping stones for keeping your life exciting as you get older, there are other ways to keep life exciting. As you age, your definitions of things change, including what it means to be excited by something. This could mean that you incorporate sex toys during intercourse with your partner, but this can also mean that you have date nights and home for a little extra quality time where you play a fun board game or listen to old music together and reminisce.

If you are already doing these things and are wondering how older couples have fun in the bedroom, then here are a few ideas for you and your spouse to consider. Clear communication should be paired with the realization that you need to let your guard down and accept that things change when you get older. Comfy pajamas might be sexier than lingerie, and that is fine. You may have to dive deeper into foreplay and use more lube. Accept that your libido just isn’t the same as when you were younger, and you may have to compensate with other forms of intimacy. The sexiest thing you can do for your partner is listening and make them feel respected.

Get a little extra help.


If you think it’s not a change in intimacy and the issues may be related to erection problems, then you may want to consider a supplement to help treat erectile dysfunction. At the time of its original approval, Cialis was marketed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction on an as-needed basis, but in 2008 Cialis was also approved for daily use to treat erectile dysfunction, which allowed patients who chose this option to have sex spontaneously rather than having to take a pill 30 minutes prior to intercourse. In 2011 the FDA approved the use of Cialis to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, an enlargement of the prostate gland that may occur as a result of aging in men.

Both Cialis and Tadalafil (the generic version of the supplement) are manufactured in tablets containing a 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, or 20 mg dose, depending on your individual need. Cialis was first approved by the FDA in 2003, when erectile dysfunction medications were newer to the market, much like Viagra. While the brand name version is generally not covered by Medicare or other insurance plans, the generic Tadalafil tablet is more commonly covered. Because Cialis prices might be a little higher, it might seem like processing your prescription through your insurance is always the cheapest way to purchase your medication, but be sure to check the cash price or look for coupons, like a GoodRx coupon. Above all else, be sure to seek professional medical advice before you or your partner try a new medical treatment.

Aging is a complex part of life. Not many people tell you how to manage to age, but that’s because there’s no one correct way to do it. If you take it in stride with respect and patience, you and your partner will age beautifully together and will easily keep things exciting.

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