How To Let Go of Old Items When Planning Home Upgrades


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Almost every home has some clutter lurking around. While these items may be valuable to you, the amount of clutter they create may prevent you from maximizing your living space to create your best life. Letting go of old items can be challenging, make no mistake. That’s why we’ve outlined a few tips to help you get rid of them.

Evaluate your needs.


Kitchens arguably account for the most clutter in the home. Most times, the accumulation of items on counter space can make cooking a tad frustrating and overwhelming. If you plan on updating your kitchen by installing granite countertops, you need to have a plan to reduce the mess in your kitchen.

Experts recommend buying custom granite countertops from reputable granite countertop companies to guarantee quality and durability regardless of the type of countertop. For example, MC Granite Countertops LLC sells premium granite countertops made from the best countertop materials. Best of all, high-quality finish and superior customer service set their granite slab company apart in the industry. Keeping your premium granite countertop in pristine condition can protect the stone from damage and prolong its lifespan.

Routine cleaning of your stone is vital for ensuring clean surfaces. Most people tend to use common household cleaners to clean a slab of granite. For example, bathroom cleaners seem like a good option for messy bathroom countertops. We recommend using an approved stone cleaner to release the shine of your granite countertop.

Find alternative storage methods.

Old items can take a lot of space in the home, making it difficult to carry out some upgrades. Storing these personal and household items can be daunting, especially when you don’t have anywhere to put them. Consider putting old items that you have a hard time getting rid of or items that may become useful in the future in storage. A self-storage unit provides a secure location for storing your personal belongings for long periods for an administrative fee. Finding the right storage unit can be overwhelming, given the large selection of storage units available today.

If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, for instance, you can leverage web search to find available storage units in Charlotte. Charlotte storage units make it easier for Charlotte residents to clear out some clutter from their homes. Nowadays, the best storage units offer state-of-the-art amenities like climate control, 24-hour video surveillance, vehicle storage, great customer service, and RV storage. Prioritize storage units that come at affordable prices. However, the cheapest storage unit may not necessarily be the best option for you. As a rule, opt for an affordable storage unit that’s appropriate for your needs.

Trash items that you don’t need.


The best way to let go of old items is to prioritize the ones that don’t have significant resale value. More so, get rid of items that are not worth giving out to other people. Before you trash any item, think about a way of repurposing it for different use. For example, old cigarette cases can serve as an excellent place to store cables. This is better than leaving your electrical cables lying around the house. You can also give out old items that are still in pristine condition to people around you or charities that need them. Alternatively, you can sell them online or organize a yard sale to make some extra money for yourself.

Finally, you have the option of recycling the recyclable items in your possession. Recycling is a sustainable way of trashing old items that protects the environment. You can drop off your old items at approved recycling centers near you.

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