How To Prepare Your Home for Fall HVAC Maintenance in La Plata, MD


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You’ve relied on your home’s HVAC to get you through the summer. The cool breeze of air conditioning got you through some scorching temps, and now it’s time to clean your AC unit out for the fall. This will help it get rested up and ready for when the heat pump does its job through those frigid winter months. Here are just some of the ways you can get your home’s HVAC system in order for proper fall maintenance.

Call in a technician.


If you are unsure about taking care of your heat and AC system yourself, you may want to look into a licensed technician to help you with your fall HVAC maintenance in La Plata, MD. This will allow for a deeper look into the machinery within your unit to see if there is any equipment that is on the verge of a breakdown within your air conditioning unit while also making sure that your heating system is ready to take on significant use in the winter. By learning the status of these parts, a homeowner can determine if they just need an HVAC repair team or if they have to pursue a new system.

A technician will also take a look at the ductwork connected to the unit to make sure that proper heat or air conditioning can be properly distributed throughout your household. Rather than taping up ducts to keep unwelcome critters or mold out, you can replace those ducts with newly cleaned out tubing free of contaminants. This will help you to avoid any undue pressure on a furnace or air conditioner that could send your energy bill skyrocketing even higher during those months of use.

Clean and Replace Filters


One of the easiest steps a homeowner can tackle with fall HVAC maintenance is to clean and replace filters within the systems regularly. Debris such as dust and pollen can clog up your HVAC system and force it to use more energy to keep your home comfortable. Your HVAC’s efficiency will add stress to your system and lead to quicker wear and tear, shortening the life span of the system. A neglected HVAC system will break down more often and need replacements sooner.

Blocking airflow will keep you freezing your way through the winter months. Air filters should be switched out seasonally to make sure that any allergens aren’t making their way into your home’s air. Proper HVAC services will help you to tackle any needs quickly if you are uncertain about replacing the filters yourself. A technician may also be able to spot an underlying issue just by examining the filter for mold or other bacterial growth. If those spores get into your indoor air, it can be seriously detrimental to the health of you and your loved ones.

Keep your house clean to boost indoor air quality.


A properly maintained HVAC system is crucial to maintain better indoor air quality, but keeping a clean house is just as important to keep the air clean. Be sure to regularly clean high-traffic rooms in your home, eliminating the development of bacteria on surfaces. That chemical odor from cleaning can be overwhelming, and you should open your windows and doors to get some proper ventilation. Bringing the outdoor air inside is extremely beneficial to the quality of the environment.

Be sure to also keep an eye out for dangerous mold spores that can sprout up in areas of your home where humidity is higher, commonly in bathrooms. This will prevent those spores from circulating through the air and eventually finding their way into your HVAC filtration. Cleanliness and proper care are not just limited to fall HVAC maintenance and repair. This should be a year-round duty whether you need the cool air to get through July or the furnace to get you through February.

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