Improving Your Bedroom Performance With A New Partner


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Keeping things sensuously spicy in the bedroom is the key to fruitful and fulfilling sex life. So much of what makes the sexual chemistry pop between a couple of bedroom partners is the lustful anticipation of being able to get freaky with an unpredictable partner. It’s fun to encounter some positive surprises in the bedroom. It keeps you on your toes, and most importantly, it keeps you present. The last thing you want to deal with in a sexual rendezvous is someone being distracted, and treating the whole experience with the kind of bored detachment that says they’ve done it too many times before. So, how do you go about improving your bedroom performance with a new partner? Let’s take a look at some effective ways to level up on the steamy, bedroom encounters with your new partner.

Break out a new sex toy.

Sex toys are the ultimate addition to the bedroom. They provide new excitement to the sensual connection already taking place between you and your partner. Now more than ever, you have a wealth of promising sex toy options available to you. If you’re looking for a great lead on where to find some of the best sex toys, you’ve got to check out Sohimi. Sohimi has everything from mini tongue vibrators, to a diamond finger 360-degree anal vibrator plug. What’s more, is that the ratings accompanying each of their products average between four and five stars. And to take any of the concerns about being satisfied with your purchase out of the equation, Sohimi has a “no-for-return” policy that lets customers return products they’re not 100% satisfied with. So, no need to fret about burning your funds on a sex doll or vibrator that literally provided nothing in the way of helping out you and your new partner’s sex life.

Take a semen-enhancing supplement.

The ever lusted after orgasm is the ultimate end goal of any steamy sexual encounter. Of course, that implies a necessary connection between excited partners, and an ability to get comfortably worked up enough that you’re actually able to climax and let it all out with a glorious, bone-rattling ejaculation. So, when you do finally attain that orgasm, you want to make sure it’s in no way short-lived. The longer the better. This means you want your load to be as big as possible. Fortunately, we have some sensational supplements that increase the amount you’ll be able to ejaculate, available to us nowadays. The state of male enhancers and male enhancing pills nowadays is truly unparalleled. Erectile dysfunction as we know it could be nothing more than a bitter memory of an era long since passed, one day in the future. Of all the supplements, we’d recommend that you opt for the widely praised and sought after semenax. The semenax review is nothing short of wildly encouraging. These guys managed to create a supplement that increases how much you ejaculate when orgasming by up to 500%. Plus, the supplement itself includes a combination of 100% natural amino acids, and potent herbal concentrates from China, Europe, and South America. So, you know you’re consuming a quality product.

Foreplay with dirty pictures.

This tactic can work wonders for getting the horny anticipation going. Our imaginations are wonderful, creative machines capable of dreaming up all kinds of sensuous imagery. With that being said, sometimes we need the extra boost from the naughty, yet important photos. It’s like a sexy preview of the main bedroom event. So, before you and your new partner meet in the bedroom to tango, exchange some dirty pictures. By the time you’ve gotten to the moment of undressing and making naked poetry in the bedroom, you’ll both be so hot for each other that it’ll feel like your hearts are beating outside of your chests. On the off chance that you’re not loving the pictures you end up taking before your next steamy bedroom rendezvous, you can always reach back and see what you’ve got lying around on your old phone(s). Maybe you took that one pic that you just know is a straight-up knockout of a photo, but the picture’s on a broken phone. Don’t fret for a second about that broken android device with its gnarly broken screen, just look up how to retrieve pictures from a broken phone. You know that time and energy will pay off in the long run! You might be able to overcome something as daunting as water damage to your mobile device, regardless of the file type, if you put your heart into it. Can’t put a price tag on a successful sexual outing with your new partner.

Keep up with the workouts.

You don’t need to start running marathons every week or live at your local gym. You just need to try and hit a workout a few times a week. Some regular cardio and bodyweight exercises can translate beautifully toward increasing the period of time you’re able to keep the intensity up, with a new partner back in the bedroom. Plus, your self-confidence will soar through the roof. If you know you look good, you’re bound to feel good. If you feel good, your bedroom performance will benefit as well.

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