Need a New Cleaner? Here’s How to Ensure Your Home is Both Tidy and Safe


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Everyone knows that it is nearly impossible to find a healthy balance between giving your top performance at work, spending quality time with your family, and the usual day-to-day minutiae. While you’re in the search for that perfect balance, it’s only natural for some things to fall to the wayside. One of the easiest tasks to lose track of is housework, but you don’t have to live under piles of laundry and dirty dishes, you have the ability to take away some pressure, and hire someone to take care of all of that for you.

However idyllic putting someone else in charge of your housework may sound, most people aren’t comfortable with leaving a relative stranger alone in their house to snoop amongst their belongings, and understandably so. How are you to be sure the person you’ve hired is trustworthy?

Here, we’ve got a few tips and tricks for you to feel more confident in your decision to hire a house cleaner. First, you need to decide whether you’d be more comfortable hiring through a cleaning company or shopping around for a cleaner who works independently. However, there are drawbacks to both. By hiring a cleaning company that contracts cleaners, you may not have as much input into the cleaning regimen as you may like. The cleaning company may have set restrictions cleaners may not go beyond. For example, they may not accept to recycle your used cooking oil collection no matter how much you ask them to. On the other hand, hiring an individual may provide you with more control in the way your home is taken care of, but you may have to be more flexible as there is no one else to send if they are unavailable. Additionally, it may be more costly for you to hire through a cleaning company.

Aside from choosing how to hire, you must also consider the skill level of the cleaner. A person who cleans homes for a living is likely going to be more thorough than someone who isn’t properly trained to clean beyond the basics. For example, most people wouldn’t think to give the decorations kept in the bathroom a quick wipe down.

No one can fault you for being cautious when inviting a stranger into the most intimate parts of your home. To gain the satisfaction of knowing the person you’re planning to hire doesn’t raise any red flags, consider meeting them in person before they start the job. If you want further proof that you hire a person you are comfortable having in your home, consider finding a website where you can access background checks, criminal records, and have the ability to search mugshots, ensuring you will know exactly who you’re hiring.

The safety of you and your family is the top priority, especially when it comes to introducing someone new into your lives, but after you’ve found a cleaner you can trust and see firsthand the impressive work they have to offer, it’s time to settle down and relax in your professionally cleaned home.

Once you’ve had time to relax after you’ve saved by hiring a cleaner, we’re sure you’ll want to show off your beautiful, magazine-worthy home to your friends and family. While you’ve already invested in a cleaner, healthier home, why not splurge a little extra and update your current décor with something as simple as a set of custom slipcovers. Updating your slipcovers will dramatically change the look of the room while still saving your wallet from the agony of an all-new set of furniture. Take the plunge and turn your home into the relaxing place you’ve always dreamt of, a place you’ll never want to leave.

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