Simple Gifts That Can Spread Holiday Cheer


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As Christmas 2020 approaches, signaling the end of a very difficult and tense year, then it’s probably a good idea to try and see it out on a positive note. The holiday season might be the best stress relief for this last year that we can hope for. The good news is that, unlike most events this year, COVID-19 has not forced its postponement or cancelation. As we slide into the festive season, we can rest assured with a collective peace of mind that Christmas is indeed coming.

So to celebrate the festive season this year, a great way to bring some holiday cheer this year would be to find and deliver that simple, yet perfect choice as a gift this Christmas. You don’t need to spend a lot of money for that great product, (remember that Black Friday will soon be showing a plethora of discounts), it’s just worth having a little think outside the box on what would make a great option for a gift.

Whether that be encouraging someone to try something a little different this year, or just adding a great alternative to something they already own, the trick for this year is to be a little different. With that in mind, here is some advice on simple gifts that can spread some (much-needed) holiday cheer.

Catching and keeping more moments.

Digital cameras, and the photo quality that they produce, continue to get more and more sophisticated. Many current cameras offer a quality today that formerly only professional photographers were able to extract from the image. It used to be the case that a digital photo would have one or two megapixels to make up the quality. Even then, when having the photo printed, the original quality would be diminished, leaving a not quite so fine print. Nowadays, most cameras on smartphones will have a double-figure megapixel count as standard.

But with the improvement of picture quality and the growth in the pixel rate, the amount of photo storage space must also increase. Furthermore, with the addition of various photo types like gifs now being stored onto the device directly, taking up more room, it is logical that a digital camera or mobile phone can only hold so much. Historically, the option would be to upload the photographs to your personal computer’s hard drive but that precludes the option to show others your photo library whenever and wherever you are. Following this, people were offered the opportunity to upload their photographs to an online photo library like iCloud for Apple phone users, or Google Photos/ Google Drive for those with a Google account. But this too would be at the sacrifice of the original image quality, and/or the number of gigabytes (GB) of storage space was limited if you were unwilling to pay for a subscription. With changes to the privacy policies of several of these companies expected in 2021, it is likely that the GB of free storage that they offer will also be decreased.

However, here lies the answer for how to best gift the avid photographer in your life, and bring them great joy for the holiday season and beyond. Remove from them the hassle of trying to find alternative free photo storage and consider getting them an Ibi. Ibi is a hybrid between a physical hard drive and an online storage library. There is tons of storage space available, meaning that the loved one you gift it to can take as many new photos as they like, without having to delete old ones to make room. Whilst many free storage spaces will offer anywhere from 2GB of storage to 15GB as standard, and removable memory devices may stretch between 100GB and 200GB at the very most; Ibis will hold 1 terabyte (TB) worth of photos and videos available to download to your device at any time. If you feel the need to give more, get two!

Just to clarify, 2TB of storage will hold half a million photos. With no monthly subscription fees, this would be the perfect gift for the snap-happy photographer in your life.

For the traveler in your life.

If you have someone in your life who is lucky enough to own a recreational vehicle or is on course to receive a new RV (pun intended), then perhaps one way to bring them great Christmas cheer is to alleviate them of the stress of sourcing and securing their camper’s coverage and RV warranty. Think about it this way: the Coronavirus pandemic has already deprived them of the opportunity to go traveling this year, and no sooner have they managed to drive their new motorhome from their RV dealer, that it has found a long term home in a storage facility or on the driveway. Many dealerships also specialize in providing RV warranty for only the first year after purchase, and when that service contract is over, RV and motorhome owners are expected to negotiate an extended RV warranty.

Basically, if a loved one has only become an RV owner in the last year, then the chances are that their RV warranty is about to come to an end, without them getting much use out of it.


Now, obviously, no one is hoping that their RV is on the receiving end of some mechanical failure or consequential damage from a collision. But insurance is something that no one wants, but everyone is grateful that they have. With restrictions looking to be relieved in the upcoming year, it is more likely that RV owners will finally have the option of loading up their travel trailers and hitting the highway, so why not give them an extra incentive and sort out their RV extended warranty for them.

You may be a beginner when it comes to what is needed for an RV extended warranty purchase and that is fine. If it is your first time looking at warranty products then head on over to America’s RV Warranty website for full details and help in selecting the right warranty. But to sum up, if a motorhome, RV, or camper van breaks down, and is in need of major repairs, then the owner is going to need some form of warranty in order to cover the costs. There are many mechanical components of an RV, and a mechanical breakdown of any one of them can lead to the RV being stuck at the side of the road at any time. Getting them a good service contract with roadside assistance and replacement or repair coverage will provide peace of mind that they will be back up and running any time soon. Even if that roadside assistance is just to put the 5th wheel on, then it’s better to have it than receive a call in the middle of the night from your loved one, asking for a pick up from goodness knows where! It is a unique gift, but it is a high-quality one.

CBD content, and the easy way to THC.

Ok, let’s get this out of the way very quickly– although they both come from the cannabis plant, there is a big difference between cannabidiol (otherwise known as CBD), and marijuana, and it comes down to the THC content. Ever since the 2018 passing of the Farm Bill, it has been legal to buy and own hemp plants and extracts so long as it contains 0.3% or less THC. Why is that important? Well, THC, which stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive ingredient that gives marijuana its high. But as a pre-requisite of the Farm Bill, if CBD or the hemp extract of choice has more than the 0.3% THC then it will be classed as marijuana instead, and therefore will be deemed illegal.

CBD, on the other hand, is much more of a herbal supplement than anything else. Used by many to ease an unsettled mind, the psychoactive ingredients are not present in CBD capsules, tinctures, or (the ever more popular) CBD edibles such as gummies. In fact, more benefits of CBD are being noticed all the time, and over the last couple of years, skincare topicals, digestive system-aiding drops, and alertness enhancers have also entered into the CBD product range. In the long run, it stands to reason that CBD will become as commonplace as energy drinks, but for now, the best CBD edibles are available online from Sera Labs.

What does this have to do with Christmas gift-giving? Simply put, if you really want to bring some much needed Christmas joy this year, and maybe relieve some of your loved one’s stresses at the same time, then gift them with some CBD. Sera Labs have a series of blog posts that will better explain how CBD enters the endocannabinoid system via your bloodstream and will give you the full spectrum of how CBD products can soothe an over-active mind, provide some relief to discomfort in muscles and joints, and how a dose of CBD before bedtime helps see off insomnia. But beyond all of that, the best CBD gummies are relaxants that are full of flavor and will be ideal for someone with a sweet tooth!

At the end of the day, good health and wellness will be the best gift that anyone will receive this Christmas. But if you can give it, these are just a few suggestions of unusual and helpful gifts that will guarantee a smile on the face of loved ones this festive season.

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