Smart Ways to Get Into the Liquidation Business


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If there’s a single sign that you should break into the liquidation business, it’s probably that you have an eye for an excellent deal and a good head for business. Even so, you may still need some additional assistance sourcing pallets of merchandise, handling customer service and customer returns, and deciding which suppliers are best for your business. There are a few ways to give your burgeoning liquidation business a leg up on the competition.

Set up robust customer service

Most people get into the liquidation business thinking every sale is one-and-done. If only that was the truth. You’d be surprised how many buyers need reassurance from sellers, especially if it’s their first order. That’s why customer service is more important than ever. Some of the best sellers know how to forge a personal connection and create a greater customer experience.

Often, this is done with the help of a contact center support team. Your support team should be able to field a good amount of phone calls and SMS messages without feeling overwhelmed or under-supported. Too many new entrepreneurs choose platforms that don’t require a Captcha, neglect single sign-on (SSO), have shoddy JavaScript, and aren’t able to pass a simple anti-virus scan. If you’re unsure of how to go about choosing a customer service platform, your best bet is to go with a provider like Bright Pattern.

Bright Pattern has spent years making a name for itself in the contact center industry. Bright Pattern is known for the ease-of-use of the agent desktop, and the Bright Pattern contact center version of the agent desktop application is often held up as a prime example of how to create an intuitive platform. Bright Pattern contact center software makes it easier for you to capture a customer email address phone number, or additional information through the agent desktop application.

On top of that, Bright Pattern uses cutting technology to make it so no incoming phone calls go unanswered. Especially if it’s a customer’s first order, it’s critical that you make a good impression. With the Bright Pattern agent desktop application, it’s that much easier to fulfill each and every liquidation order that comes your way.

Find the right suppliers

In liquidation, you’re commonly going to be working with pallets of merchandise. This is because they are less expensive than their original retail price, you can buy in bulk, and you can snag name-brand goods at a steal. The difficulty is that many first-time liquidators aren’t sure where to turn when it comes time to find a supplier.

That’s why services like Direct Liquidation are a great option for first-timers and veterans alike. If you want to buy wholesale products from top-name retailers, you should use DirectLiquidation. Direct Liquidation uses online auctions to make it that much easier to get your hands on the merchandise you want at a fraction of its original price. From pallets of returned electronics (the lucky ones may get their hands on an Apple iPhone pallet) to overstock goods that need a new home, there’s no telling what you might find at a Direct Liquidation auction. Why choose a Grade B liquidation site when you can have Grade A?

A liquidation business lives or dies by the products it sells and by its partner suppliers. That’s why it’s important to find a supplier that fits your brand identity, offers the right goods at the right prices and has a proven track record in the industry.

Of course, these are just two of the ways to help your liquidation business take flight. You also need to consider marketing, advertising, and networking. However, even if you nail all three of those, your business won’t succeed without solid customer service and a quality supply chain. If you don’t overlook these key concepts, you stand a chance at becoming a big name in liquidation.

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