Sweet Sixteen Gifts: Presents That’ll Make You Wish It Was Your Birthday


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Sweet 16 is a time every young girl dreams of, but her parents dread it because it’s a sign that their little girl is quickly growing into a woman. There are many reasons the 16th birthday is an important one, from being able to get a driver’s license to being given a little more independence by your parents. That’s why the birthday present for a girl’s sweet 16 parties should be something extra special.

If you’re still looking for something special for your daughter’s 16th birthday, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will list a few of the finest gifts out there, ones that your princess will be sure to love. Now, without further ado, let’s delve into our blog on sweet 16 gifts that’ll make you wish it was your birthday instead.

Elegant Jewelry

Every 16-old-girl deserves a piece of elegant jewelry that will last her a lifetime. 14K gold jewelry with handwriting included is a great place to start. A 14k gold necklace with your daughter’s name inscribed on the charm is the perfect gift for any girl who loves her jewelry. It’s a gift she can treasure for the rest of her life as well.

A Car Of Her Own

While your 16-year-old daughter might not be thrilled with heading to the local truck auctions to bid on a truck, the auction does have a spot where there are used cars up for auction as well. Make a day of it, as a matter of fact. You can bid on your favorite trucks, while your wife and daughter are over getting her a car for her birthday. This type of auction can be a win for the entire family if done the right way.

Gift Certificates

When you’re a young girl just starting to learn who you are, you don’t really know what you’ll like from one day to the next. That’s why you as a parent can’t go wrong with giving gift certificates as a birthday gift. From clothes to food and from books to spa days, there’s always something a gift certificate is good for. However, you do still want to get her that one special gift, the gift certificates are just extra.

Car Accessories

For most girls, the most exciting part about turning 16 is getting their license. You’ve already decided to get her a car, so why not give some stuff for the car to go along with it. Below you can find a few hints on what she might love.

  • Vanity license plates
  • Gift cards for gas
  • Floor mats
  • Seat covers
  • Steering wheel covers
  • And much more

A Fine Dining Experience

Your little girl is growing up and so is her taste in food. This means she’s going to want to try more grown-up foods. For her birthday, how about taking the family out to a fine dining establishment that she has never been to before. You can also give the gift as a gift certificate that will give your teen the chance to dress up and experience the fine dining establishment with a few of her closest friends.

A New Smartphone And Accessories

Most 16-year-old girls are never far from their smartphones, so why not give her an upgrade as a gift. From the phone itself to accessories, she will be thrilled with the gift, you can bank on it.

These are just a few of the best gifts out there for a 16-year-old’s birthday. Sweet 16 only happens once in a lifetime, make it a special one for your little princess. Not only are these gifts awesome, but they will also create memories that last a lifetime.

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