The Best Things to Do in Birmingham, AL


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Are you looking for a perfect, peaceful vacation destination with a little history? Look no further than Birmingham, Alabama. If you’ve never been to this amazing city, now’s the time to visit. Here’s everything you can’t miss when you visit Birmingham, AL.

Go on a Tour

The Civil Rights Movement has an incredible history in Birmingham. You can take a tour of the city and experience the rich history yourself. You’ll visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and see the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, which was the site of a bombing in 1963.

Throughout the tour, you’ll learn more about the Civil Rights Movement and the actions the people of Birmingham took to secure their rights. You’ll visit museums and historical monuments, and after a day of learning, you can head to a restaurant for an incredible meal. If you can only do one thing during your visit to Birmingham, this should be it.


Visit the Birmingham Botanical Gardens or Oak Mountain State Park

If your idea of a peaceful vacation is one that allows you to get in touch with nature, Birmingham has the perfect spots for you. You can spend hours (or days!) exploring the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, which feature 67.5 acres of nature. There are 30 themed gardens, each of which is classified as either a Garden of Collections, Garden of Nature, or Garden of Culture.

You can take a tour of the garden or visit the art gallery on site. Eat lunch in the cafe and spend your entire day enjoying the beauty of the gardens. Oak Mountain State Park provides plenty for nature-lovers to do. Play a round of golf, visit the wildlife center, go hiking or horseback riding, or take a swim. You can enjoy a variety of activities during your trip to the state park, and you might want to spend a night camping there so you don’t have to leave.


Check Out the Birmingham Museum of Art or the Southern Museum of Flight

If you want to explore Birmingham, you could visit a few museums during your trip. The Birmingham Museum of Art is located right downtown, making it a perfect morning or afternoon stop. You can explore the museum for free and check out the beautiful collections on display. Enjoy brunch at their cafe and continue with your day. The Southern Museum of Flight has incredible exhibits and costs less than $10 per person. You can check out the Korean War Jets exhibit or the Tuskegee Airmen exhibit. Learn about the South’s history with flight and see the amazing aircraft on display. Whether you’re a flight buff or not, you’ll appreciate the incredible history of this museum.


Get Your Problems Fixed, No Matter What They Are

A trip to Birmingham means you’re in a thriving city, so you can get any problems fixed during your visit. It’s common for things to go wrong during a vacation. Your phone might smack the pavement while you’re exploring the Botanical Gardens. Thankfully, you can find excellent iPhone repair services in Birmingham. If this happens during your trip, visit uBreakiFix Trussville at 1423 Gadsden Hwy #117 Birmingham, AL 35235 or call (205) 661-0299 to talk with a professional. You can also receive great medical treatment at one of the many hospitals in Birmingham. If you realize you’ve gotten an outfit for the wedding you’re attending, you can find that in downtown Birmingham. Whatever you might need, you can find it here, so there’s no need to panic during your vacation.


Birmingham, Alabama, is an amazing place to visit. Experience the local art, culture, and shopping during your stay here. You’ll want to come back every year.

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