The Perfect Proposal: 3 Tips To Help You Out


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Coming up with ideas for the perfect proposal can feel a little intimidating. The good news is that with a solid plan, attention to detail, and the perfect engagement ring, planning a proposal she’ll remember forever might be easier than you think. If you’ve been putting the proposal on hold because of anxiety, Covid-19, or simply because you don’t know where to start, read on for three tips that might help you out.

1. Find the perfect ring for her.


The perfect proposal starts with the perfect diamond engagement ring. The trick to finding a flawless diamond, colorless diamond, or diamond with the clarity grade you have in mind is to start by learning terms to classify a diamond ring. You’ll want to do some homework about cut, clarity, and carat weight well before you contact a jeweler. In doing your homework ahead and knowing exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll be in a better position to communicate with your jeweler when you’re ready to make that big purchase.

Maybe you or your sweetheart don’t care about imperfections, diamond color, a larger diamond, or clarity grade. If she’s set on an emerald cut but isn’t concerned with the gemstone or material her ring’s made of, that’s okay too. In having a conversation ahead of time, you’ll still be in better shape when you visit your jeweler. The best way to know if platinum is what her mind’s set on or sparkle isn’t important to her is to ask in advance of the shopping day. If you aren’t sure what to pick or are confused about a yellow diamond or diamond’s hardness, consider asking a friend or trusted family member to come with you for another set of eyes and opinion.

2. Make a detailed plan.


An important factor in coming up with the perfect proposal has a detailed plan. Trust your instincts to know yourself and your partner well enough to take a few risks when it comes to your plan. Think about shared interests, hobbies you have in common, and memories that make you both smile.

Maybe you’re members of a country club in Basking Ridge, NJ, and enjoy playing bingo on Friday nights at the country club. Perhaps you spend Sunday afternoons golfing, and your best memories are at the ninth hole. Why not incorporate this into your proposal? If you’re a member of the club, you might even be able to get the staff in on it and get special accommodations or hire a photographer to snap some shots on the green as you propose.

To plan your proposal, start with a checklist to keep you on track. Even if you plan to use that country club, you’ll need to consider time, date, and how you’ll set the mood. Determine if you want her to be surprised or if you’d rather she knew ahead of time. Think about whether you’ll want a crowd or to be alone and how you’ll capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Think about flowers, a gift, and the words you’ll use when you propose ahead of time. To do this, determine if you want a traditional proposal or something different. Will you ask her father or another family member for her hand in marriage ahead of time? Will you ask on bended knee, or would you prefer you were at eye level? These are things to think about ahead of time that will make you less nervous when popping the biggest question of your life.

3. Bet on instinct.


While it’s normal to be nervous about popping the question, the key to doing it well is to go in with confidence. The same way you might play poker at your favorite casino, you’ll want to trust yourself when it comes to making plans for your proposal. If you aren’t sure where to start, think about going to her best friend. Asking someone else who knows your sweetheart well could point you in the right direction with your proposal plan.

When coming up with your proposal plan, consider including family, co-workers, and even pets. Or, if your future bride values privacy most, consider that when making plans. A private picnic, dinner for two, road trip, or secluded adventure spot might be the right way to go when it comes to your proposal.

Planning a proposal of epic proportions doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether the ring you choose is made of yellow gold or the diamond you picked is shaped like an oval or princess cut, your bride-to-be will most likely be thrilled with whatever you’ve come up with. The odds are that if you’ve trusted your gut and used what you know about your future fiancé and relationship, the proposal will go off seamlessly. Congratulations on your decision to propose, and good luck with your upcoming nuptials!

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