Tips for a Stress Free Move


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The prospect of moving can be exciting. Perhaps you’re relocating to start your dream job or moving to a different city or state you’ve always dreamed of calling home.

Whether you’re facing a local move or a long-distance move, and whether you’re heading to a dream destination or are forced to relocate to accommodate your career or family, the process of moving can be quite stressful. Your living environment may be in disarray for weeks or months, and it can be frustrating not to know where essential items are or have all your conveniences at your disposal. Fortunately, using the tips outlined here can help you complete a stress-free move.

Put your belongings in storage.


Find a storage facility where you can store your property. Storage units come in various sizes. You can also obtain storage for vehicles. In addition, many storage facilities offer climate-controlled storage units where you can secure household goods and personal items, such as toiletries and clothes. Securing a storage unit is a great way to sort through your belongings and streamline the moving process. In addition, you can use the unit to identify items to donate or sell, reducing the volume of items you have to transport to your new home. You can also use a storage unit to secure non-essential items months before your move, reducing the amount of work you need to do right before relocating.

Hire professional movers.

Whether you’re moving to Rockville, Annapolis, or Germantown, or relocating to the other side of the U.S., hiring a moving company can simplify every step of the moving process. Google “moving companies in Maryland” to learn about the best moving companies in the state. Professional movers provide packing services, so you don’t have to box up your possessions. Maryland movers will remove small and large items from your home and transport them to your destination. You won’t have to worry about finding people to help you lug boxes or figuring out how to drive a moving van on I-95. Expert moving companies also offer junk removal services, ensuring your move coordinator looks after removing all items from your current location.

Take a vacation.


There’s a lot of downtime between tasks when you’re moving. Once you’ve booked a moving company and have a move coordinator in charge of packing and transporting items, you can remove yourself from the moving process by taking a vacation. Pack up your recreational vehicle (RV) with essential personal items, such as clothes and toiletries, and head to the ocean. Spending some time near the water can soothe your brain and help ease the stress of moving. Your move coordinator has the hard work under control, and you’ll only be in the way if you stay at home. Plus, once you take possession of your new home, you’ll want to unpack and get settled. Taking some personal time to relax before you relocate can be a great way to eliminate moving stress.

Redefine your goals, and give yourself time.

Many people are goal-oriented. If you’re one of those people, you’ll be focused on the end goal rather than the process, making it harder for you to relax until you’re in your new house.

You can ease your stress by redefining your goals. Set small, achievable targets suitable for every stage of the moving process, and choose a way to celebrate each accomplishment. Whether you take a night off to hang out with friends or visit a favorite local restaurant, you’ll have a chance to unwind and relax. With smaller, short-term goals, you won’t be operating in constant moving mode until you’re in your new home and unpacked.

You might be tempted to try to unpack all your possessions immediately when you reach your new home, but you can take your time. Opt to rent a storage unit near your new house, and identify non-essential items you don’t need immediately. These non-essential items could include things like seasonal items. Your moving company can transport those items straight to a storage facility on your behalf, simplifying the process and removing those items from your focus. You can prioritize unpacking essential items and get settled at your new location faster, which will reduce your stress and ensure you feel at home right away.

Moving can be stressful, but you can reduce your stress with professional moving services. Renting a storage unit is a great way to simplify your move, and hiring professional movers ensures your belongings reach your new home safely. Taking a vacation when you’re between homes can be a great way to get your mind off the move, and redefining your goals throughout every stage of the move can help you take time to relax between tasks. You’ll also benefit from giving yourself time to get settled in your new home.

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