Unique Blind Date Ideas That Aren’t Boring


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First dates should be memorable, hopefully for the right reasons. Nerves are usual when anticipating a first date, as is the dread that it will be awkward or a dull event. When faced with the task of setting up a romantic meeting, consider these unique blind date ideas that aren’t boring. 

Food for Thought

Eating is a social activity and typical for a date. Skip the classic restaurant route and opt for a picnic. Choose a unique location with a view and agree that each person will be responsible for bringing certain things. One person can bring the drinks and the other can bring munchies. 

Challenge each other’s culinary skills by taking a cooking class. Learning how to make a meal is fun and cooking in an industrial kitchen setting is less awkward than cooking in a stranger’s home. Working as a duo to create something from scratch is a great ice-breaker and a unique way to get to know someone. 

Before going on a blind date, take the time to verify someone with the help of golookup.com. As a free online information database, GoLookUp gives users access to public records and information about people such as criminal records, arrest records, mugshots, marriage records and more. The database is updated daily so users can rely on GoLookUp to provide accurate and credible information. 

Enjoy a multiple-course meal by select multiple restaurants for appetizers, entrees, and dessert. A roving meal takes away the stuffiness of sitting down for one long meal and allows a couple to discover how adventurous they are about food. An alternative to restaurant-hopping is to go to a food festival or street fair. Find something unique and adventurous with several food vendors and enjoy sampling new foods. 

Bottoms Up 

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a cocktail on a blind date, but who wants to sit in a boring bar? Go on an adventure to find hidden speakeasies and take a step back in time together with craft or themed cocktails in an exclusive bar. Speakeasies require passwords to get in, which means a couple has to put their heads together to think up the magic word to enter.  

Create an alcohol tasting party where each person can contribute some unique variants of alcohol and together create interesting cocktails. Or there’s the option of attending a wine or beer tasting or attending a cocktail making class. 

Meeting for coffee is a casual encounter but sitting in a cafe for hours can get dull. Arrange to grab coffee-to-go in a neighborhood that neither person is familiar with and spend time together exploring the surroundings. 

Get Moving 

Healthy competition never hurts and what better way to show off smarts than at a trivia night? Put pop culture or history knowledge to the test with some playful competition. Test out survival skills in an escape room. Using teamwork to solve puzzles and find clues to escape will get the conversation flowing. Take a blind date to a book reading and challenge each other’s intellect and conversational skills. It’s a unique way to get to know someone and learn something new. 

Attending a performance is sure to bring amusement and inspire conversation. Attend an outrageous musical comedy that will lead to laughs and feedback. TodayTix offers Book of Mormon tickets to thousands of venues in cities around the world. They have the best-priced tickets available in major cities for live shows, arts, and cultural experiences. Plan a memorable blind date with the help of TodayTix. 

Another great conversation starter is to go on a photography walking tour. Take in the surroundings while walking and talking, and snap photos along the way. At the end of the walk, show each other the photos and talk about why the reason for taking them. 

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