What Cardinal Signs Can Tell You About Family Planning


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Cardinal signs are recognized in the practice of Astrology, and there are only four in the signs of the zodiac — Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The four are often considered the reactionary signs and are associated with people born within these correlating dates since they often exhibit similar traits and behaviors.

Astrology 101.

The word cardinal originally stems from Latin and is the root word for important. Astrology uses these cardinal signs to mark the turn in a season where the point of temperature changes. Guido Bonatti, an Italian mathematician, referred to these signs as moveable since the air often changed when the Sun entered each sign, which is now known as the changing of the seasons. The Cardinal Houses are considered to be the First, Fourth, Seventh, and Tenths. If an astrological chart shows the superiority of planets in these houses, the energy is often deemed cardinality.

Family Dynamics

You can often plan for the family you want if you just follow the stars. Many who are into astrology try to family plan using star signs as their guide. While it is a little premature to be able to say you can change the personality traits of the baby or a sibling, you can grow a more in-depth understanding by researching what their sign personality traits are. A parent can start to understand what drives their child as there are two major astrological factors, other than their star signs that need to be looked at. The elements of fire, earth, air, and water, are often pushed to the background along with the modalities, which are fixed, mutable, and cardinal.

Signs that correspond with certain elements often take on the component’s characteristics and are mostly responsible for an individual’s temperament. Fire signs are usually great people to turn to for warmth but can also be too unpredictable. These fire signs are considered the do-ers of the Zodiac world and are blessed with confidence beyond measure. But at times, a fire sign can come across as bossy letting their passion take over.


Like their element, Earth is up next and is mostly grounded and modest, as most would say, down-to-earth (pun intended.) Many Earth signs are conservative and enjoy a routine when they approach life. Earth signs are also not fans of surprises and like to meticulously plan every detail since the organization is key.

Air signs are very much like the wind and are always ever-evolving. If you find an air sign staying in one place for too long, it can start to unnerve them greatly. Many show a streak of independence, which leaves them with an open mind and really are not a fan of restrictions. Air is also associated with intellect and logic and rely on facts and figures. Due to this trait, at times, they can come across as emotionally unattached. Air is the only sign where Gemini’s Aquarians and Librans are gifted with outgoing personalities.

Lastly, water signs can be as rough as the open sea. The zodiac calls these signs logical and empathetic and often put others first. Water signs are great supporters and enjoy their own self-expression.

Advice for Parents

Making sure you that and your partner have a healthy relationship above all else before starting a family is key. When it comes to advice for couples considering having a baby, it really should be about what they want and not everyone else’s two cents. A foundation of good communication can go along way and making sure any unresolved issues are a must. Once you get the hard work out of the way, a newborn baby will be the light of both of your lives.

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