What To Do When You’ve Found “The One”


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Few things are as exciting in life as finding your one true love. If you’re at the beginning of a fairy tale and looking for a happy ending, there are some things you’ll want to do as you start your life together with the person you hope to love forever. If you’ve found ‘the one and aren’t sure what to do about it, read on for things to think about.

Celebrating your Love with Gifts


It’s natural to want to celebrate when you’ve found your soulmate. While your ultimate plan might be to propose to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to wait until a special occasion to begin celebrating your love. The global market has made ordering the perfect colorless diamond earrings, gray diamond studs, rose cut rings, or pepper diamond bracelets easier than ever. Start with a Google search for blue diamonds or the latest jewelry trends, and you’ll be well on your way to impressing her.

For your male partner, a luxury watch, gray diamond cuff links, or a jewelry token that will remind him forever of your first date could be a great way to start things off.

Closing Out Dating Site Profiles and Status Changes


While you’re waiting on that perfect gift to arrive for your sweetheart, think about closing out any open dating profiles or apps. Make decisions together about when to become a social media official and do what you can to have fun with it. Technology has made it easier than ever to make big announcements like finding true love, having a baby, or as a way to show off an engagement ring. If you’ve spent the last year researching online dating tips for people with hearing loss but don’t need them anymore, it’s time to clear your browsers, shut down Tinder, and announce your fantastic news to the world.

When changing your status, start with a conversation with your new partner. It’s always a great idea to communicate about online activities ahead of time to avoid misunderstandings in the future. What could be a perfectly innocent online behavior might come off differently if you skip the step of having a conversation and sticking to whatever you and your partner agree upon. Don’t make the mistake of getting off on the wrong foot in your relationship.

Open Communication about Shared Dreams and Goals


An advantage to making a habit of open conversations is that you’ll together get to know each other faster. Talk about your plans not only for the immediate future but where you hope to be five years down the line. Before anyone leaps an engagement ring, you’ll want to be sure your values and overall life goals match up. A life partner should have similar goals or be open to compromise for the relationship to stick. Use this time early on to communicate about what you hope to accomplish together in the future.

When having conversations with your new partner about feelings and future goals, be careful to move at a pace that’s comfortable for you both. While new love can be exciting, it can be scary, too. You’ll want to have compassion if your partner shares fears and anxieties about moving too quickly. A life partner is worth being patient for a wait that works for you both. If you’re hoping to rush off to Vegas and elope, but your partner wants to take things slow, don’t automatically write the relationship off. Instead, give them time to catch up.

It’s your story and relationship. How you choose to get to your happy ending is entirely up to you and your partner. With a little research, some thought, and a shared desire to begin a life together, you and your life partner can get off to a great start toward that happy ending. Congratulations to you on finding your soulmate!

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