Why Storage Units Make a Great Place to Party


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Did you know that you can party in a storage unit? 

Whether you’re trying to find the best place to host a child’s birthday party or just catch up with friends, partying in a storage unit offers a slew of benefits. And with the holidays right around the corner, there’s no better time to streamline your upcoming parties. 

Long-term or short-term storage units have traditionally been used to store old furniture or holiday decorations. However, these large rooms have become one of the best locations to host an amazing party. With more than 48,000 storage options available throughout the United States, many people don’t realize they have the perfect event space only a few blocks away from their home. 

Here are some of the top reasons you should consider finding a great storage unit on selfstoragefinders for your next shindig:

It’s easy to decorate 

Renting a storage unit is one of the best ways to streamline your party. Because these units are often a single room, decorating the space is a breeze. All you need are some killer decorations like twinkle lights, a long table for drinks, and a few games to make your dream party a reality. 

Many people hate throwing parties because of the hassle associated with decorating an entire house. Between streamers, balloons, and table cloths, these costs can add up quickly. With a storage unit, however, you won’t have to stress over the set-up and tear-down of your perfect party. It’s the ideal location for a low-budget party. Decorating a simple room will cost less than outfitting your house, offer ample space for games, and give you the opportunity to transform a neutral space to your exact specifications. They’re also great if you’re hosting a quick party at the last minute and want to decorate quickly. 

It’s easy to clean 

As mentioned above, storage units are a lot smaller than your average house. Most small storage units are typically five feet by five feet, but you can rent some units that are as large as thirty feet in size. Regardless, the ease of cleaning a single room is far better than cleaning up your entire house. 

After all, your home is an investment. Keeping this place spotless is a full-time job and you deserve to keep your home looking nice. Instead of worrying about your antiques being knocked over, renting a storage space will keep your goods safe and your floors unscuffed. Just bring a broom to collect party popper confetti and spare change from the money booth at the end of the night. Using paper products that are easily disposed of is just another way to keep clean-up to a minimum. 

Heated storage units can be used year-round 

Technology is ever-evolving and these innovations have been applied to storage units too. While you might think that storage units are only good for holding scrap books and old photo albums, many storage unit renters want heated options for electronics and more. If you choose a heated storage unit with electrical hook-ups, you can party all year-round. 

In some cases, storage units are even located within the safety of a building, complete with restrooms and security guards. These locations are the ideal spot to have a party on a budget. While you might need to double-check with the company, most storage unit providers allow their renters to use these spaces for a variety of reasons, including parties.  

Throwing a party is hard enough without worrying about the integrity of your home. When you want to throw a party on a budget, storage units have become the easiest way to streamline  your duties as a host. 

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