Why You Should Consider a Career Working With Cars


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Automobiles are a ubiquitous sight in our modern world. More than 267 million are registered in the United States alone and that number is only growing. All those drivers are in constant need of servicing and sales to remain on the road through all that life can throw their way.

Contemporary wisdom suggests an oil change every three to five thousand miles and regular servicing yearly to keep cars running as efficiently as possible. But new car sales are also a growing industry as more and more drivers hit the roads of the U.S. every year.

Learn the ropes.


Automotive and diesel technology program offerings are growing and keep up with automobile demands in the United States and all around the world. With a certificate from a diesel technology program or a niche brand servicing certificate, you can begin to work in the industry as a technician for a variety of established service centers. This is the best way to gain your footing in the market. Working with cars is a rewarding and lucrative opportunity that many millions of auto technicians enjoy every day, and you can make your way into this space with just some routine training in gasoline, auto parts, and diesel technology.

The pay is top-notch.


Automotive workers make upwards of $20 an hour and enjoy great benefits ranging from retirement contribution matching to ample overtime allowances. Entering into this field is a great way to create financial stability for you and your family.

With the minimum level of training, you can get started in the field and begin to advance quickly with additional on-the-job training opportunities. The fantastic pay rate in the auto technician field means that you can pay down credit card debt or any outstanding loan balances quickly to secure your financial freedom. Alternatively, family or future planning with your significant other suddenly becomes a real possibility with the stable pay from your new technical career.

The pay in this industry allows for a unique blend of stability and flexibility for those who find a passion for automotive work.

No day is the same.


But your tax return envelopes and wallet won’t be the only things that get heavier as you enter this fantastic profession. Mechanics enjoy a unique job satisfaction that can only come through work that requires manual dexterity. Working with your hands is a uniquely satisfying experience. Each day presents a new challenge for the mechanics in your shop as new clients bring in their cars for servicing, each with a wildly varying set of challenges and requirements.

Some days you will see many tire changes, and others, you will spend the majority of the afternoon replacing engine parts on a hard-ridden classic. Occasionally you will see a really unique case, providing hours of entertainment for you and your colleagues. A lift truck fork replacement, for instance, is a specific challenge that mechanics may come across, putting a fine point on the variance that goes into a mechanic’s time spent on the shop floor. The days are never the same, and the people who do the job appreciate the variety and challenges that come with this reality.

Mechanics often work for themselves.


The ability to build from the ground up and ultimately fund your own shop is uniquely available in the automotive industry. Auto technicians can begin planning for their own workshop from the moment they step into their first role at an auto body or engine repair floor.

Learning how to manage customers, approach various problems that can occur in vehicles, and move clients’ cars into and back out of the shoplifts at a rapid pace is essential to forming your own business someday. With the great pay schedule and constant learning opportunities that present themselves to an auto mechanic, learning the ropes to eventually transition into an ownership role is uniquely plausible in this industry.

A career in working with cars is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who loves working with their hands. The benefits are great, and the hours you will put in payback in several ways.

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