MCL Land Real Estate Developer Projects in Singapore

The MCL Land is one of Singapore’s leading property groups. A member of the Jardine Matheson Group under the Hong-Kong Land Holdings, the MCL Holdings is renowned for building high-quality homes not only in Singapore but also in Malaysia. We have a long track record of excellence and more than fifty years of experience. MCL Holdings extensive portfolio includes construction of both residential and commercial properties.

MCL Land Developer Real Estate Projects in Singapore

Our residential properties in Singapore include SOL Acres, Lake Grande, and Margaret Ville. In Malaysia, we have Forest Heights and Wangsa Wall Mall, a retail property. Some of our completed projects in Singapore are:

• The Lakeville

A 99-year leasehold condo that has 669 units. The development which is found on the Jurong-West Street has six 16 and 17-story blocks with three shopping units.

• J-Gateway

This 99-year leasehold condominium is found along the Jurong Gateway and it contains two 20 and 38 story blocks with 738 units.

• Ripple Bay

The 99-year leasehold Ripple Bay is a condominium found in Pasir Ris and it has seven 12 and 13 story-blocks with 679 units.

• Terrasse

This condominium a 99-year leasehold development that is located along the Hougang Avenue. It contains eight five-story blocks with 414 units.

Other completed properties in Singapore include the Uber 388, Hallmark Residences, Waterfall Gardens, Mera East, The Esta, Hillcrest Villa, The Calrose, The Fernhill, Este Villa, The Grange among others.
Some of Our Completed projects in Malaysia include:

Overseas Projects by MCL Land

• Wangsa Link

It is an integrated retail and business development that contains retail outlets, offices, and a street mall. Wangsa Link is located close to the Central Business District and it is well-connected to public transport system such as the KL International Airport, North-South Highway, Port Klang, and Cyberjaya among others.

• Desa Putra

This picturesque condominium which contains 436 units is found within the bustling and lush green hills of the Wangsa Maju suburbs. It is located within a walking distance of the Sri Rampai-Putra LRT Station. Desa Putra is equipped with a wide range of amenities including a wadding and swimming pool, playground, gymnasium, reading and games room. Launderette, multi-purpose hall, parking bays and shops.

• Desa Villas

New Projects by Luxury Condo Developer MCL land

Nestled in more than three-acre piece of land, Desa Villas contains eighteen villas and 76 beautiful luxury condominiums. This stunning and picturesque property boasts of an amazing scenic view and lush landscapes of the Titiwangsa Range and the panoramic city skyline. All the apartments in Desa Villas enjoy full amenities such as gymnasium, function hall, garden-roof deck, wading and swimming pool.

MLC Land is still a pacemaker. We recently acquired the Eunosville, a piece of land found along Changi Road and the Sims Avenue, for our upcoming projects. Our success drive is based on excellence, dynamism, and innovation.

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City Developments Limited Real Estate Development Awards

City Developments Limited (CDL) is a leader in real estate operating globally across a network of over hundred locations in twenty-eight countries. This Group is one of the largest companies by market capitalization listed on the Singapore Exchange. This company possesses a wide portfolio of assets including residences, offices, hotels, serviced apartments, shopping malls and integrated developments.

City Developments Limited Real Estate Development

City Developments Limited has been in existence for over fifty-years years trailblazing with an excellent track record in real estate development, investment, and management. City Developments Limited has developed over forty-thousand homes and owns over eighteen-million square feet of lettable floor area globally.

Millennium and Copthorne Hotels Plc. one of the Groups’ listed subsidiaries, is one of the world’s biggest hotel chains, with over a hundred and thirty-five thousand hotels worldwide.
But this Conglomerate Giant had a very humble beginning. City Developments Limited (CDL) started in a small rented office Amber-Mansions on September 7th, 1963. Back then CDL only had eight employees, for acquisition, development, and sales of property. By November of the same year, the company went public with its shares were listed on the Malaysian Stock-Exchange.

City Developments Limited Industry Leader

Today, after five decades of excellent execution, CDL has cemented its legacy as an industry leader with the championing of green-buildings. The group is committed to transforming the ecological landscape and ensuring that innovation and creativity are matched up with goals that promote sustainable development. One goal, in particular, that drives the company is to create a better home for everyone to live in.

This all corresponds with the vision of City Development Limited “Building Value for Tomorrow, Today”. With this vision comes a commitment to creating quality and desirable homes for everybody, and creating offices and spaces that help drive competitive businesses forward and secure investments.

CDL upholds three values;
• A commitment to positive results

• Setting competitive standards and defeating the competition

• Care for the people they work with, products they create, and the environment they operate in

City Developments Limited Project Awards and Designs

Being one of the leaders and visionaries in real estate and property, City Development Limited has received numerous accolades and awards that is a reflection of its commitment to stakeholders. These Environmental, Project and Corporate Awards are a true reflection of the amount of excellence and creativity that CDL brings to its astounding homes and remarkable offices.
City Development Limited believes in constant communication with its stakeholders in order to pass on relevant information and updates on real estate trends and buzz within the city. This is achieved through the CDL news publication. City News also portrays how CDL is creating value while building a more sustainable and enriching environment and community.